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Track Services With Dual Electronics 2 DIN Car Audio In-Dash Units

Many vehicles now come with a variety of in-dash car audio units that also track other digital control elements in your car. Dual Electronics produces many double DIN items that use a dual design to track your vehicle and its many electronic items. Understanding these Dual Electronics items can help you decide if a double DIN product is right for your needs.

Which features are available for these double DIN units?

When buying one of these items for your car, make sure that you fully understand the various features. Some features may include:

  • Auxiliary input: Add another audio or video player to your audio system and play multiple media directly from your devices. This radio also includes a USB input.
  • Bluetooth ready: The Bluetooth connectivity of this model makes it possible to stream movies and videos without a wired connection.
  • Detachable face: Detach the face of your unit when you are out of the car to help deter robbers from grabbing it.
  • Remote control: Most of these products come with a remote control that can be used to manage how it runs.
  • Touchscreen: Easily control this unit by using the touchscreen to interact with its many apps and app settings.
What types of in-dash items are available?

These double DIN car audio products come in many different types. Each has an in-dash design that tracks various elements of your car and its electronics. For example, Dual Electronics produces a basic radio model that takes the place of an AM/FM receiver in your vehicle. It has no tape or CD tray, but it can play digital media streamed from a phone or other electronic device.

However, other dual double DIN products feature a CD player that was paired with an AM/FM radio. These have the same features as the basic radio model and can be adjusted in various ways. There is also a digital media receiver device that uses a patented dual design to capture digital media without the use of an AM/FM radio or a CD player.

How many sizes of this dual unit are available?

The dual design of this product means that it is available in just the double DIN size. A double DIN electronics item requires the use of multiple connections to hook it up to your vehicle. As a result, a double DIN device has clearer audio and video and it is compatible with various types of cars. It is essential to check the manual of the vehicle or the double DIN player to see if its dual design is compatible with your car.

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