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Walking in Style With Christian Dior Shoes for Women

Most women find that they need a variety of footwear in their wardrobe. Since December 8, 1946, many women have been updating their wardrobes with Christian Dior designs. The company, owned by Groupe Arnault, offers a variety of Christian Dior shoes for women.

What types of women's shoes does Christian Dior offer?

Christian Dior shoes for women offer many different types of shoes, including:

  • Pumps - Calfskin leather, lambskin, velvet, and patent leather pumps may be available in a variety of colors, including beige, black, brown, gold, and many others with heels up to 3.5 inches tall.
  • Boots - Formal and casual boots may be available in a variety of styles as well as in black or white.
  • Flats - Ballet flats, espadrille, derbies, and many other choices may be available in colors, including black, red, and white.
  • Sneakers - High-top and low-top sneakers may be available in a variety of styles, including slip-on and lace-up. They are also available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Sandals - Mules, toe-post, and strappy options may be available in a variety of colors, including burgundy, white, yellow, black, and many other choices. They are made from a variety of materials like leather, satin, or velvet.
How do you choose women's shoes?

With so many different choices available, it can be hard to choose a pair of shoes to add to your wardrobe. Following are some guidelines that may help:

  • Select a style - Different styles are available, including pumps, boots, flats, sneakers, and sandals.
  • Select a desired size - Women's feet come in many different sizes, so it is important to choose the right one.
  • Select a preferred material - Leather, velvet, satin, and other choices may be available.
  • Select a color - Women's shoes are available in a variety of colors, including white, black, yellow, burgundy, and more.
Shoe features to consider

Christian Dior shoes are uniquely styled. While Christian Dior women's shoes are distinctive in their appearance, they share the standard features like other brands of women's shoes. No matter what occasion you are purchasing shoes for, it is important to consider the shoe features to ensure that the shoes you select are suitable for the event and comfortable on your feet. Shoe features for you to consider include:

  • Soles - The part of the shoe that touches the ground, soles are divided into three parts. The insole is the interior bottom, the outsole is the exterior bottom, and the midsole is the layer in between. Different materials may be used in the construction of Christian Dior shoes.
  • Heel - The rear of the shoe is called the heel and it is designed to support a person's heel. There are varying heel heights to consider.
  • Counter - This stiff piece of fabric is placed on the inside of the shoe between the heel and the lining to provide extra support. This is important for the amount of time you might spend on your feet.
  • Upper - This part of the shoe is designed to hold the shoe on a woman's foot. The material in the upper shoe will vary depending on the style.
  • Vamp - This part of the upper starts behind the toe box and it extends toward the back of the shoe. Typically, this is the same material as the overall upper.
  • Toe box - This part of the shoe is where the toes go. Comfort is built into Christian Dior women's shoe toe boxes.