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Hasselblad Digital Backs Offer Pristine Images for Your Photography

Having a Hasselblad digital back is essential for capturing extremely large, precise, and high-resolution images. Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, you might want to use Hasselblad digital backs that you can find on eBay to take medium-format photographs. These backs work with many of the Hasselblad 500, V-System cameras and their accessories.

Why do you need a Hasselblad digital back?

Hasselblad makes a range of medium-format cameras and digital backs to accompany them. Medium-format refers to the large, 6- x 4.5-centimeter film frame of analog cameras. Full-frame digital cameras have sensors that measure the size of 35mm film. They are considered large-format cameras because their resolution can reach up to 39 megapixels to create wall-sized prints. Medium-format Hasselblad cameras come with digital backs that allow analog photographers to continue to use their Hasselblads. Medium-format Hasselblads include:

  • The digital back for Hasselblad 500cm
  • The Hasselblad 500c digital back
  • The ixpress digital back for Hasselblad 500cm
  • The leaf digital back for Hasselblad 500cm
Options for the Hasselblad 500cm digital back

With the introduction of the Hasselblad 500C, technical and view cameras made it easy to switch interchangeable lenses, film magazines, and viewfinders. Hasselblad's V-Series digital backs convert Hasselblad 500 c to digital module. See the manufacturer site for details. Some varieties you can find are:

  • Hasselblad CFV-50 V-series: This digital back has an effective resolution of 50 megapixels and an image sensor of 36.7 x 49.0 millimeters.
  • Leaf Aptus 75 Digital Back: This digital back has a Hasselblad mount and comes with a FireWire cable and battery.
  • Leaf Aptus II 8 40MP CCD Digital Back: This digital back is compatible for Hasselblad series V, 500CM, 501CM, 503CW, and 555ELD.
  • Hasselblad CFV-50c Digital Back: This back has a 50MP sensor and is compatible with all Hasselblad V-system cameras.
What types of CFV-50c accessory kits are available?

Accessories included with CFV-50cs for sale are:

  • Hasselblad Focusing Screen for CFV-50c Digital Back: These work on all Hasselblad V-Series cameras to split the image with a microprism.
  • Hasselblad Camera 72534 Magnifying Hood Finder DPS 4x4 CFV 16 50C Digital Back: This hood enlarges the screen image to 5.5x, providing exact focusing.
  • Hasselblad Flash Output Sync Cable: The cable is compatible with the CFV-50c Digital Back 200/2000-Series, Body FlexBody, and View cameras.
  • Hasselblad PM90 Prism Finder: This prism works with the Hasselblad CFV-50C digital back for the Hasselblad Series 500, 503 202, 203, and 205.
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