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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Laboratory Equipment

A dental practice is nothing without its essential dental laboratory equipment. If you plan to do checkups or work on dozens of patients daily, it is a must to have all the important tools. From implant tools and dental lasers to a simple dental air-water syringe, a great practice is filled with instruments that are ready to cater to your patients' needs.

Which tools are important for a dental practice?

The variety and long list of available dental equipment can overwhelm any new dental hygienist. The availability of so many products can make it harder for anyone to pick which tool should be part of the first investment. Most might be tempted to procure the most advanced technologies out in the market to get a faster return on investment. It is essential to first spend on dental instruments that help in the daily operations of the dental practice. These are the most recommended tools that should be initially found in your laboratory:

  • Dental impressions and molds
  • Electric handpieces
  • Abrasive blaster
  • Dental lathe
  • Files, picks, and other hand tools
What should you look for in dental laboratory equipment?

Purchasing new tools can be a challenging task, but there are some things you can consider so you can know if you really need to spend on a piece of particular equipment. First, know the return on investment (ROI) of the tool. Experts recommend evaluating whether the new equipment you are eyeing can improve processes at your laboratory. Second, consider your budget. Many dental practitioners advise that you spend only within your allotted budget to easily recover expenses. Lastly, do research. Check the reputation of the brand including its reliability, its performance, and even its customer service track record. Also, picture how the tool will fit into your practice.

What are new technologies for dental laboratories?

The rapid advancement of technology has expanded into dental practices. Many healthcare technology firms are focusing on releasing products that can make life for both dental practitioners and patients easier. Digital tools will soon be considered as important as regular day-to-day equipment in any dental laboratory in the near future. The following are some of the most advanced products available for your dental laboratory:

  • Digital camera and shade identification software
  • Laboratory scanner
  • Milling/Manufacturing machine
  • CAD/CAM software