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Dell Mechanical Computer Keyboards & Keypads

Choosing The Right Mechanical Keyboard For Your Computer

Keyboard malfunctions are quite common. Bad timing may include when you are in the middle of an exciting computer game, or worse while typing something urgent for work or a school assignment. The truth is, you may never give a second thought to these peripheral components until you have experienced such an inconvenience.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

They work through a simple button and lever system to register a keystroke. You can pay a hefty sum on some popular vintage brands. The vintage range from Dell come at different rates. Dell continues to manufacture a range of tactile mechanical keyboards through its Logitech brand.

Why should I switch to a mechanical keyboard?

  • Speed - Many users report that the device greatly improved their typing speed. You do not need to press the keys all the way down. You can register a keystroke simply by pressing the keys to the halfway point. That might help you to move a lot faster when typing.
  • Long life - The keyboards outlast their membrane-based counterparts. The Cherry MX switches might last up to about 50 million keystrokes while the most keystrokes that a membrane keyboard can take is about 20 million.
  • Instantaneous feedback - When you hack away at a membrane keyboard without checking your screen, you will realize that you skipped some letters as you typed. This is because checking the computer screen is the only way to know if the keyboard has registered a keystroke. By listening to the clicks or feeling the tactile bump, you will know if you have registered a keystroke on the mechanical keyboard.

What should I consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard?

The first thing that you should check is the type of connector cable that is used on the keyboard. PS/2 is the most common connector port found in vintage brands, while USB is a more recent invention. You should also check the kind of mechanical switches used on the keyboard.

There are three main categories of switches:

  • Linear switches have the most basic mechanic features. They rarely give the clicky noise even if you press them down to the bottom. The popular Cherry MX is a type of linear switch. The Cherry MX is quite popular with gaming enthusiasts.
  • Tactile switches give a slight bump when you register a keystroke.
  • Clicky switches give out a click sound when you hit the keystroke. Even though they dont have a clear favorite, many typists report being happy with the clicky sound produced.

Can I use the keyboard with my laptop?

There are modern mechanical keyboards like the Logitech K840 from Dell, which have a USB connection cable. Using a peripheral keyboard might actually remove the strain on your laptop keypad. Most vintage models use a PS2 connector cable. You will need a PS2-to-USB adapter to connect them to the USB port on your laptop.

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