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How to Find the Right Adhesive

When you are working on a craft project, you want the right types of adhesive for the materials you are using. That may mean using a hot glue gun, transparent or decorative tape, or other forms of adhesive materials.

What are the different types of craft adhesives & tape?
  • Double sided, invisible, waterproof, and decorative tape
  • Hot glue guns and glue sticks
  • Foam and general-purpose craft glue in tubes and bottles
  • Quick drying glue
  • Glue sticks and roller-top bottles
  • Spray adhesives and sealers
Choose the right adhesive for your project

Knowing which adhesive is right for your project depends on several factors. Here are some things to take into consideration when making a choice:

  • The age, ability, and attention span of the crafter are all important. Glue sticks and decorative tapes are pretty simple for even a beginner to use. Quick-drying instant craft glue might be better reserved for more experienced users.
  • Will you need to remove the adhesive without damaging the materials? If so, you might want to use mild craft adhesives and tape to minimize damage. Tacky putty is another temporary solution that might prove helpful.
  • If you are working with photos or other sensitive materials, you will want to look for special acid-free glue and tape products. These are much safer than other adhesives for long-term use on special mementos.
  • Any time a finished project will be used around or in water, you'll want to be sure to use waterproof glues, epoxy or sealers.
Understanding different cure times

If you need a product that works immediately, you have several choices. Double-sided tape can firmly attach many different types of craft materials to each other. It can also be used to mount your finished project to display surfaces. Quick-drying glue and hot glue gun sticks dry quickly and generally offer a strong bond.

If you need more working time or don't mind waiting, you will also find plenty of suitable choices. Standard foam and craft glue are available in different sized tubes and bottles. Some have specially designed applicator tops to help you apply it precisely where you need it. Others can be applied with brushes or craft sticks. Glue sticks are another great choice, and they are easy for even young crafters to use.

What about decorative options?

While transparent options are generally popular, you may have times when the adhesive you choose will be visible in a finished project. Some of your options include the following:

  • Decorative tape in various colors and patterns
  • Hot glue sticks in colors like black that can blend into surroundings
  • Decoupage sealers in matte or gloss finishes