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Nissan Murano Car Covers

Prolong the pristine appearance of your Nissan Muranos exterior and interior and maintain its perceived value long-term with a car cover. Car covers form a protective barrier between your Nissan Murano and the elements. With a wide selection of car covers to choose from, you can find something to fit your Nissan Murano SUV and your preferences.

What are the car cover colors?

Neutral colors appear frequently in product photos because they photograph better. However, there are tons of bright, dark, bold, and muted colors available. Bright colors make your vehicle stand out, so you can locate it easily after months in public storage. On the other hand, you might fancy muted or dark colors. Palettes change seasonally, but a few colors to consider include:

  • Yellow, green
  • Blue, teal
  • Red, pink, orange, purple
  • Silver, gold, bronze
  • Black, brown, tan, white, clear
What are the benefits of a clear car cover?

Clear covers provide an economical solution if you want the protection of a car cover. Clear covers are typically disposable, offering seasonal protection from snow, rain, sleet, dust, debris, and bugs. Complete elasticized hems are common, ensuring the cover fits your Murano like a shower cap. A universal SUV size can accommodate your Nissan vehicle perfectly.

What if you want something smaller, like seat covers?

Seat covers and windshield covers are excellent alternatives, protecting specific locations within your cab. Windshield covers prevent incoming sunlight from overheating your cars interior. They also block UV rays, which can discolor and damage your cars interior fabrics and dash materials. Seat covers keep your seats looking and smelling fresh and free of stains, which helps maintain optimal resale value.

What length should you get?

Available lengths vary seasonally, but there is always a variety and just the right assortment of lengths for your needs. Different lengths let you effectively cover exterior modifications to your Muranos silhouette, such as a bike rack, a roof rack, or a spare tire.

To measure your Murano, stretch a tap measure along the vehicles side from bumper to bumper. Give or take a foot for the final measurement to account for modifications. Choose between car cover lengths ranging from 10 to 33 feet. Bear in mind that you have the additional choice of a hemline type: elastic or lock and cable. Both hemlines provide a snug fit that offsets longer lengths if you purchase a car cover that is slightly larger than required.