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Covers for Nissan Leaf

Car covers can help protect your car from dust, moisture, and UV damage, especially if you are storing your car outside or in a dusty garage. When it comes to the Nissan Leaf, having a protective cover may help keep the car clean and keep dust away from the electric components. If you want an incentive to protect your Nissan Leaf and your electric motor and battery when theyre not in use, take a look at the available covers and see which one will meet your needs.

Can full-size car covers protect a Nissan Leaf?

Full-size covers are available for your Nissan Leaf regardless of where you want to store it. Some covers are designed to only protect your vehicle from dust and moisture if it is stored indoors. If you plan on storing your Nissan Leaf outside, you will want a full-size cover that protects the battery and the exterior of the car against water spots, scratches, and fading from UV rays. Covers designed specifically for outdoor storage also have several layers, providing resistance to damage caused by inclement weather. Many have an interior fleece lining, preventing any risk of abrasions or scratches when covering the electric car.

What materials are in the Nissans covers?

Your Nissan Leaf cover can be made from plastic, polyester, or polypropylene. Each type of cover has its own unique benefits:

  • Plastic - Ideal for short-term covering needs, a plastic cover works well for protecting your electric car when painting or working in your garage.
  • Polyester - You can use these covers on your Nissan for shorter time periods, such as in the parking lot while youre at work. It is breathable and filters some rain.
  • Polypropylene - These workhorses are good for longer use as they weigh little and can be washed. A cotton or fleece inner lining can protect your electric Nissan Leaf from accidental scratches.
What kinds of partial covers are available for the Nissan?

If you dont want to cover the entire Nissan vehicle, you can use an exterior cover specially designed for this electric car. These partial vehicle covers are designed to look stunning while keeping the hot sun away from your vehicles interior. They also help you save time and energy during the winter as they prevent frost on the Nissans windshield at night. This keeps you from having to spend significant time scraping your windshield and risking damage to the glass.

What color are the Nissan covers available?

You can find a cover that will protect your Nissans interior battery, seats, and exterior of the vehicle in red, white, gray, black, silver, and other various shades. You can even mix and match colors if you want to create a special look or if you want to be able to identify your Leaf from afar.

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