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Subaru Legacy Corner Lights

The Subaru Legacy is a series of mid-sized sedan models known for their reliability and all-wheel drive capabilities. With corner lights or side lights, add extra functionality and aesthetic appeal to your Legacy. There are many replacement options for a Subaru that vary in bulb color, shape, look, and more, allowing you to find the right lamp replacement to best fit your needs and stylistic preferences.

What are vehicle corner lights?

Vehicle corner lights are often incorporated into the front headlight housing or are mounted separately next to the headlight. They sit on the corner of the Legacy in the fender. These auto parts are not as bright as headlights, but they can provide extra visibility for you and allow others to see you better as well. Corner lights are often white or yellow and are illuminated when the turn signal is activated or when the wheel is turned to help the driver see peripheral objects and other drivers to the side.

How do you replace corner light housings?

If the corner light assembly becomes damaged or the bulb on your Subaru Legacy burns out, it is quite simple to replace these parts at home, and it requires few tools and little time to do so.

  1. Open the hood of your Subaru Legacy and use a screwdriver to remove the screws in the corners that hold the light housing to the sedans body. Using a screwdriver or pry tool, gently pry the corner light forward and out of its socket.
  2. Detach the light bulb and platform from the back of the housing and slide the bulb out as the lights wiring will still be attached. Set the housing aside and replace the bulb if desired.
  3. Place the bulb into the new housing, ensuring that the wiring is properly connected and that the bulb is secure in the back of the assembly.
  4. Line the new corner light housing up in the socket on the Subaru and push it back into place until it clicks in. Tighten the screws that attach the housing under the sedans hood. Test the lights to ensure that they work properly before going out for a drive.
What should you consider when purchasing corner lights?

The first thing to consider when purchasing corner lights for your Subaru Legacy is the specific model and year of your Subaru. This will ensure that you purchase a corner light that fits the car. Also, consider the bulb type as there are various options including halogen, LED, HID, and more. Each of these bulb types will give your Legacy a slightly different look. You may also need to consider if you need OEM parts or aftermarket parts.