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BMW 750Li Fans and Kits

Fan kits for the BMW 750Li include the the main fan as well as the wiring and various electrical components that regulate the functions of the radiator fan in a BMW. There are many available options for fans and components if you are in need of a replacement for your luxury vehicle.

What is the purpose of a radiator fan?

A radiator fan helps exchange heat from the engine block so that the BMW does not overheat when youre behind the wheel. The fan uses air to pull heat from the radiator cooling system, which circulates fluids to cool down the BMW engine. The fans are just one part of a larger automatic cooling system throughout the BMW 7 Series. As you drive, wind resistance can act as a cooling mechanism. However, the fan is a much more effective cooling aid, especially when the BMW 750Li is idle. Overheating can melt the engine block and xDrive transmission, leaving the driver stuck.

Where are the fans located?

The BMW 7 Series has a puller fan system, meaning it is located behind the radiator. To remove the existing fan, disengage the brackets holding it in place, then pull it out by sliding it directly up the synthetic rails. Configure the new fan in the same position and re-attach any necessary wiring or electrical components if replacing them. These will hook up in the same manner as the original, as these kits are designed to the same configuration as the OEM parts.

How do you know if a fan needs replacing?

If your luxury BMW 7 Series sedan begins overheating and the issue is not related directly to the radiator, it could be the fan. If your high-speed fan is not kicking on when your temperature gauge is roughly around the center position or if the low speed is turning on at any time, the current fan or its electrical components may be damaged. A simple way to test and discover the source of the problem is to first start your sedan and turn on the heater. If the fan starts up, you may just have a broken relay, meaning the fan is not being told by the car to turn on at a specific temperature. You can check to see if the high-speed fan kicks on by warming up the engine; just get behind the wheel and rev the car while parked with the parking brake on. If your fan will not spin when activating the heater or when the gauge rises, you should purchase a new fan kit.