Contemporary Barbie Dolls (1973-Now)

Barbie Dolls 1973 to Present

Barbie has been around for over 60 years and has become more representative of the population. In 1980, Teresa became the first Hispanic Barbie. Later, a Native American Barbie was introduced in 1993. A Dolls of the World collection was produced in 1994. Then, in 2016, a curvier Barbie was introduced. A Barbie with a hajib to honor U.S. Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad was introduced in 2017. The 2019 Fashionista collection included a Barbie in a wheelchair, a Barbie with vitiligo, a Barbie with a prosthetic limb, and a Barbie without hair. These are just a few of the specialty Barbie dolls that have been created since 1973.

What updates have Barbie dolls received?

As a connection to world events, in 1975, before the 1976 Austrian Winter Olympics, Barbie became a skier. In 1976 and 2006, she was a ballerina. Barbie was wearing knee warmers and roller skates in 1981. Due to the 2000 Australian Summer Olympics, Barbie became an Olympic swimmer in 2001, and in 2009, she was an equestrian.

On her resume, Barbie was a surgeon in 1973, but she was working at McDonald's in 1981. In 1985, Day to Night Barbie was wearing a pink suit and carrying a briefcase. She was an astronaut in 1985, a doctor in 1987, an Air Force pilot in 1991, an art teacher in 2002, a presidential candidate in 2004, a cooking show hostess in 2007, a computer engineer in 2010, an architect in 2011, and an entrepreneur in 2014.

How has the style of Barbie clothes changed since 1973?

As expected, Barbie keeps up with the fashion trends, so the style of her clothes represents the style trends at the time the clothes were released.

What style of structures and furniture has Barbie chosen?

In 1974, Barbie lived in a three-story townhouse. The rooms are printed cardboard backdrops with cardboard platforms for Barbie in front and pillars and an elevator in the middle. One bedroom on the third floor had a 70s decor whereas the other third-floor bedroom and a sitting room on the second floor had an oriental decor. In 1982, Barbie's townhouse was redecorated, adapting a pink Parisian decor.

In 1990, Barbie's Dreamhouse was a pink, two-story, three-dimensional structure with three-dimensional furniture. The 1998 Barbie Dreamhouse featured a large room on each of the two floors instead of separate rooms on each floor.

Has the Barbie car changed since 1973?

At first, Barbie owned pink Corvette convertibles, but she also favored Jeeps and the GMC motorhome. She added a red Ferrari 328 GTS, a pink Rolls-Royce, and a turquoise '57 Chevy Bel Air to her garage in the 1980s. In the 1990s, she tried a variety of luxury brands before again settling on more conservative brands, including a Volkswagen. Since 2000, she has again favored luxury cars, but she has chosen a wider variety of colors.

Since 1973 what Barbie pets has she adopted?

Barbie is an animal lover, and she acquires new pets every year. In 1976, she adopted Dancer, a horse she rode in equestrian events. In 1979, she adopted Beauty, an Afghan. In 1980, she added Dallas for Western-style riding. In 1981, she acquired Midnight, a black stallion that she rode western style. In 1982, an Eskimo Barbie owned two huskies. Also, in 1982, Barbie adopted a cat named Fluff. Then, she added a sheepdog named Mr. Bobbie. In 1983, she acquired an Arabian horse called Prancer and a collie named Dixie. Skipper got a pony called Honey also in 1983. Over the years, Barbie has continued to adopt more dogs and a few cats and has added more horses to her stable. She has also acquired some more exotic animals, such as a giraffe, a zebra, a monkey, and a lion cub.

What kinds of Barbie dolls are there?

Contemporary Barbies include a wide selection of dolls, including male dolls like Ken. Barbie dolls also come in varied ethnicities and sizes. Some dolls have posable bodies and some, like Surf Barbie, are made for water. Mattel has also made specific lines of dolls for fans of Wonder Woman, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, Dolphin Magic, and more.

What kinds of clothes and accessories are available for Barbie dolls?

When you purchase a Barbie doll it comes with an outfit, and sometimes additional outfits and accessories are included. You can buy additional outfits and accessories, giving your child the opportunity for imaginative play. Barbie outfits range from casual to evening wear to pajamas to swimwear. There is a Barbie outfit for every occasion. There are also shoes, handbags, glasses, and hats to accessorize.

What kinds of Barbie playsets are available?

Barbie has made many sets to extend your child's play. Dollhouses include the famous Barbie Dreamhouses, Malibu Beach Houses, pop-up campers, and castles. The dollhouses come with furniture, but additional sets are also available. Barbie also has many career playsets. Barbie can be a vet, a dentist, a pilot, the President of the United States, and more. Additionally, Barbie has modes of transportation such as the Barbie convertible, SUV, and scooter.

How can you clean and maintain a Barbie doll?

Caring and cleaning a Barbie toy is easy. In time and with increased play, Barbie may show some signs of wear on the plastic and hair, but it is easy to restore the doll to her original condition. If you are trying to clean or restore a collectible Barbie doll, you may want to ask a professional so you do not damage the doll.

  • Cleaning the plastic: If you just need to remove scuffs, make a paste with baking soda and water. Use a washcloth or cotton swab to remove the scuff, and then rinse with water. If you need to sanitize the dolls, especially if they have mold and mildew, you will need to make a solution of bleach and water. Use 1/4 cup of bleach for every gallon of water. Remove heads and soak the bodies. Clean the heads using the solution and a cotton swab.
  • Cleaning hair: To keep Barbie's hair tangle-free, brush it often. You can wash Barbie's hair with baby shampoo. To restore it to its original softness, soak the hair in fabric softener. Comb through with a detangling comb, rinse with warm water, and let air-dry.
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