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Complete Engines for Eagle Talon

Eagle Talon engines are available for many Mitsubishi Eclipse cars that were manufactured throughout the 1990s. There are also accessories for these engines that can make the engine itself more visually appealing. The spike bolt pieces can cover the traditional fasteners on the motor housing, and the motor plates can make the housing on each block more attractive. What are the capabilities of Eagle Talon products?

Many Eagle Talon products for Eclipse cars are built with turbo components that have the capability to assist a vehicle in reaching higher speeds on the road. These turbo motors can be equipped on a car that has a five-speed transmission system. After an Eagle turbo motor is in place, gears can be manually shifted smoothly and efficiently, as most traditional turbo components are specifically designed for manual transmissions. Additionally, standard or modified vehicle products by Eagle Talon are rust-resistant, can enhance gas mileage, and are built to be durable.

What are the design specifications for a Talon Engine?

Eagle Talon products for cars are available as short block motors and long block motors, and each design configuration has unique components. On average, a general long block motor for a Mitsubishi Eclipse can generate up to 1000 horsepower during typical driving situations. Short block options are also efficient, and the specs for these products are suitable for drivers who want to rebuild a motor in order to boost efficiency. Eagle Talon short block products also have the capability to boost gas mileage, since theyre designed with a honed torque plate.

Are engine accessories available for Eagle Talon engines?

Many Eagle Talon accessories for Eclipse vehicle hardware give drivers the opportunity to modify a motors design elements. By applying metal plate covers, you can make the housing on an Eagle Talon motor more visually appealing. Each plate has a unique slogan that highlights capabilities of the Eagle Talon Product.

What are the maintenance requirements for Eagle Talon Eclipse products?

A Talon motor for a Mitsubishi Eclipse is constructed out of commercial-grade metal parts, so the components will need to be inspected on a regular basis. Because short and long block engines have different specs, care must be taken to keep dirt, debris, and other environmental elements out of the engines and off the housing. After Eagle Talon plates are mounted in place on an Eclipse with basic screws and bolts, no maintenance is required. The hood should keep out any rain that could potentially rust the materials.

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