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Be The Kap: Colin Kaepernick NFL Jerseys

For many years, football star Colin Kaepernick showcased himself as a proficient leader on and off the field. During his time as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick earned a tremendous number of fans. Add a new or preowned Colin Kaepernick jersey from eBay to show your support as a fan.

Which reasonably priced Colin Kaepernick jerseys are available?

There are plenty of Colin Kaepernick jerseys to choose from, such as the following:

  • I'm With Kap Protest Is Patriotic Premium Jersey: This jersey design includes a hashtag “I’m With Kap” logo as the centerpiece. The “I’m With Kap” jersey can be essential memorabilia piece for supporters of Colin Kaepernick's pregame kneel of the flag and protest against injustice.
  • Nike Colin Kaepernick Limited Icon Jersey: This jersey is a limited edition and is sewn with black and white lining. For any loyal Kaepernick fans who want to ensure their Colin Kaepernick jersey is black, this limited-edition jersey can help showcase your support.
  • Nike San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick Scarlet NFL Jersey: This jersey design is a standard 49ers Kaepernick jersey and is all red. This jersey also led the NFL for Kaepernick jersey sales back in 2016. Anyone who wants to follow that trend can add this to their collection.
Which brands have Colin Kaepernick jerseys for sale?

These are a few of the companies that design Colin Kaepernick jerseys:

  • Nike: With Kaepernick as the face of the brand, this company makes the Colin Kaepernick black jersey. They also offer many other jersey that can satisfy your personal style.
  • Reebok: This company has a large supply of affordable Colin Kaepernick jerseys that look authentic.
  • Majestic: This company makes a variety of Colin Kaepernick jerseys that can conform to your wants and needs for a NFL jersey.
Things to consider when looking for a Colin Kaepernick jersey

These are few things that you should consider when purchasing a new or used Colin Kaepernick jersey on eBay:

  • Design: The design is important when looking for a Colin Kaepernick NFL jersey. With an endless selection to choose from, you can find a jersey that satisfies your needs.
  • Reason for purchase: Whether you're more of an activist and trying to help contribute to the support of Colin's kneel or just a Kaepernick fan for his performance on the field, it's important to know why you're getting the jersey.
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