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Chevrolet Car Truck License Plate Frames

A license plate frame is a metal, plastic, or chrome frame to put on your license plate. Frames can be undecorated or decorated, and there are many styles available for your car or truck. License plate frames are easy and inexpensive accessories that add a distinctive touch to your automobile.

What plate frames are available for a Chevrolet vehicle?

License frames come in a wide variety of style choices, from classically simple and understated frames of simple metal or durable plastic, all the way to extravagant and eye-catching accessories complete with rhinestones and bling. On the other hand, if you feel like showing the world your appreciation of all things Chevy, you can get stylish frames designed specifically for your favorite model of vehicle. There are many styles available, including:

  • Classic and Simple: Made of stainless steel, plastic, or titanium, these license plate frames for your truck or car are the standard license plate model. Durable and practical as well as low-cost, these frames protect your license plate from weathering, bending, or denting.
  • All Things Chevy: The classic bowtie logo plays a prominent design role in these license plate frames. License plate frames are perfect accessories to complement your vehicle. Combined with a clear cover, these plate frames will keep your license in optimal condition for a long time.
  • Bling: Laser-engraved, rhinestone-studded, or custom-made, plate frames for your auto can tell the world a lot about your distinctive style.
Are license plate frames legal to put on a Chevrolet?

As with many accessories for your car, license frames are legal to use in most jurisdictions. However, most jurisdictions will not allow license plate frames to cover up crucial information your license needs to display including the name of your state, the state slogan, and especially your licenses expiration date.

Why get a license plate frame for a Chevrolet?
  • No Free Advertising: Many auto dealerships include license plate covers with their new or pre-owned vehicles. These frames usually feature the name and location of the dealership. Instead of providing free advertising for the local auto mall, think about acquiring a plate frame for your automobile that expresses your personal taste.
  • Protection from Damage: License plates are easy to bend and damage. Even the pressurized water in a standard car wash can cause denting. A license frame stabilizes your license plate and prevents many bends, dents, and dings.
  • Visibility: Reflective or chrome plate frames give your vehicle an extra point of visibility and safety during nighttime driving.
Are license frames hard to install?

Theres a reason license plate frames are so useful: All license plate frames are relatively easy to install at home. Using only a simple set of tools, most people can remove and change their vehicles license plate frame with very little difficulty.