Cell Phone Tripods for Apple

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Tripods

The iPhone comes with a powerful camera; with a tripod, you can move beyond selfies and upgrade the quality of your photos. Whether you’re taking time-lapse shots or pictures of people, a tripod keeps your phone still to help you get the perfect shot. At eBay, you can find an iPhone tripod for almost any model.

What are the parts of an iPhone tripod?

Most tripods for iPhone have the following parts:

  • Phone holder: This piece clamps tightly around your iPhone to hold it safely.
  • Bracket: The bracket assembly fastens the phone holder to the tripod itself.
  • Tripod: The tripod consists of three legs, which you can adjust to create the perfect height.
  • Telescoping unit: Some iPhone tripods come with a telescoping pole, which can be adjusted to different heights. This lets you raise or lower the iPhone tripod mount to suit the scene.
What features are available on iPhone camera stands?

Depending on the tripod model you choose, you can find a variety of special features.

  • Light: These models come with a removable light that sits on top of the tripod stand for iPhone. They provide a bright, even light that’s good for photos or filming.
  • Remote: An iPhone tripod with remote connects to your phone using Bluetooth. When you click the remote, it automatically takes a photo. This allows you to take photos of yourself without using the phone’s self-timer function.
  • Flexible legs: A flexible tripod for iPhone features bendable legs. You can stand the legs straight in a traditional configuration, or wrap them around trees or poles to get the right angle.
  • Wrist strap: This strap allows you to carry the tripod while leaving your hands free.
What is an iPhone mount for tripod?

If you already have a tripod, you can buy a special mount for your iPhone. One end of this mount holds your iPhone and the other screws into the top of your tripod. The mount stays on your phone or case whether or not you are using the tripod.

What is a selfie stick tripod?

This device combines a selfie stick and a tripod. It consists of a long, telescoping pole with an iPhone holder on the end. On the other end, you’ll find three legs that flip out to become a tripod. The legs fold in for easy carrying and storage between uses. Some models feature removable tripods, while others are built into the selfie stick itself.

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