Cell Phone Charging Mats

Cell phone charging pads feature inductive coupling technology which allows you to simply place your compatible phone or tablet on the wireless charging surface in order to charge the battery. Only the wireless charging pad's USB cable needs to be plugged in, which means less charging cables for you to carry around. A wireless charging pad can be used with all Qi-enabled devices.

How do you use a wireless charger?

The charger comes with a micro USB cord, which can be plugged into an outlet, your personal computer's USB port, or into a power bank if you are charging on the go. Once the power is connected to your charger, you will see a green LED light. Next, place your compatible smartphone on top of the wireless charger. As soon as you place your cell phone on the plugged-in wireless charger, it will begin the process. The phone will vibrate once, and the LED light will turn blue, indicating that the charger is working. Once the phone is completely finished charging, simply remove it from the pad.

What are the benefits of a charging mat?

A wireless charging surface provides an easy and convenient way to charge your mobile devices. There is no need for additional cables for wireless charging other than the cord to plug in the charger. Because multiple devices are compatible with the charging pad, the wireless charging surface can eliminate the need to lug around extra chargers or cables.

How does the Qi Samsung wireless charger work?

A Qi wireless Samsung charging pad is a tool which allows you to charge your compatible phone or tablet via wireless technology called inductive coupling. The wireless charging technology produces an alternating magnetic field in the pad's transmitter coil which creates a similar alternating voltage in the phone's receiver coil, seamlessly producing a charge in the phone.

Which phones work with the Samsung wireless charging surface?

The Samsung Wireless charging surface has been Qi certified. This means that it works together with devices that have been Qi-enabled. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Samsung S6 Active, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note4, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy Note Edge, and Galaxy Note3 are all compatible with the wireless charging pad. Please note that some of these Samsung devices have built-in support for wireless charging, while others require an additional wireless charging battery cover.