Cell Phone Cases, Covers & Skins with Clip for Huawei

Considerations for Cases and Covers With Clips for Huawei Cellphones

Cellphone cases and covers with belt clips make it easy to attach your phone to your belt, bag strap or pocket. These accessories with belt clips also provide some protection to your phone in case you drop it onto a hard surface or something falls onto it. There are many features and colors for a cellphone case or cover with clip for Huawei phones.

What are the available types of phone accessories with clips?

The available types of cases with belt clips may include:

  • Bumper: This style has a bottom bevel that raises the bottom of the phone off of a flat surface.
  • Flip: The flip case has a cover that flips open like a book.
  • Skin: Skin cases wrap around the back and sides of the smartphone and fits around the screen.
  • Sleeve or pouch: A sleeve or pouch fits the smartphone and small accessories.
  • Wallet: Wallet cases open into three sections and typically have card slots or a storage compartment.
What types of materials are the clip cases made from?
  • Aluminum and stainless steel: These metals are lightweight and may have a silver or powder-coated color finish. The belt clips are also usually made of aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Leather and synthetic leather: Synthetic leather or 100% leather may be used for the case or pouch styles.
  • Rigid plastic: This material is typically used for the fitted and bumper styles of cases.
  • Canvas: The sleeve cases and pouch styles may be constructed from woven canvas.
  • Silicone or rubber gel: These flexible materials are typically used on the fitted and skin styles of cases that have belt clips.
What are some available design options for the clip cases?
  • Glossy: This type of a polished surface reflects light.
  • Patterned: Some of the available options include green camouflage, black and white camouflage, and floral prints.
  • Pictorial: The cases may have pictures of owls, flowers, fish, or cartoon characters.
  • Matte: The surface of these cases absorb light.
  • Metallic: The belt clip case for smartphones may have a metallic finish on the closures or on the entire case.
What are the available colors for these clip holster cases?

These holster cases for smartphones are available in solid colors like black, blue, brown, pink, purple, and red. You can also select clip cases that are clear or transparent. Some of the cases are available with multicolor designs with pairings such as red and black or green camouflage.

What are some features of belt clip cases?
  • Card slots: One or more slots may be built into the case.
  • Built-in selfie stick: The stick folds in and out of the case.
  • Built-in projector: The case may be able to project videos or images.
  • Screen protector: The case may include a transparent screen protector.
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