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Your Guide to Finding the Right ZTE Charger

If you've lost your charger or just need a backup, this quick guide will help you find the right one for your phone. Whether you need a new or used ZTE charger, eBay has many affordable styles and options to choose from.

Which charger do you need for your ZTE phone?

When you are looking for a charger for your ZTE phone, eBay makes searching super simple by allowing you to search by phone style. Below are some ZTE phones and their compatible chargers:

  • ZMAX: The ZTE ZMAX and ZMAX Pro both use a type-C USB cable for charging and syncing to your computer or other devices.
  • Grand X: The ZTE Grand X charges and syncs with the type-C USB charging cable.
  • Axon: ZTE Axon and Axon 7 phones also sync and charge with the type-C USB charger.
  • Majesty: The XTE Majesty use a micro USB charging and sync cable.
  • Avid: The ZTE Avid smartphone charges and syncs with a micro-USB charging and sync cable.
What types of ZTE chargers are available?

There are two kinds of ZTE chargers available to charge your ZTE phone: type-C USB and micro USB. If your phone style is not listed above, you can search for a quality ZTE charger by the model of your phone. If you're not sure about the model of your phone, one way to tell whether you take the type-C USB or the micro USB is to check your input port. If the port is symmetrical (the cord can be inserted in two ways), then it is a type-C USB. If the port will only receive a charging end in one direction, then it is probably micro USB.

What features should you consider for your ZTE charger?

There are several features to consider when looking for a new or used ZTE charger. See the list below for some features to consider:

  • Material: There are braided cords and nylon cords. Braided cables can be more flexible and durable, while nylon cords may save you a little money.
  • LED: Some cords come with special LED lighting for added style and function.
  • Ergonomics: Right-angle cords may make your ZTE charging cable more manageable.
  • Length: There are very short and very long cords. The right length will depend on the distance you will need for charging.
  • Color: If color is important, choose a cord that will coordinate with your phone cover or your surroundings. There are white, black, blue, red, green, pink, gold, and more colors available.
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