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Chevrolet Traverse Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are devices installed in your Chevrolet Traverse’s exhaust system to help reduce potentially harmful emissions. First introduced in 1975 in response to air quality regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, catalytic converters use platinum and palladium to transform carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. They also transform hydrocarbon pollutants into carbon dioxide and water, and break down nitrous oxides into nitrogen and oxygen.

How do you know when the catalytic converter is malfunctioning?

Although the catalytic converter was engineered to function over your Chevrolets lifetime, it could malfunction on occasion. Here are some signs that can help you determine whether something is wrong with your Chevy Traverse’s converter:

  • Failed emissions test: Many states require mandatory emissions testing before enabling you to register your motor vehicle. If your Chevrolet has failed this test, but the “Check Engine” light is not flashing, you may be dealing with a malfunctioning catalytic converter.
  • Misfiring spark plugs: Misfiring spark plugs can throw off the timing of the internal combustion sequence. This can cause temperatures inside your converter to rise, and these high temperatures have the potential to damage the device. When a misfiring spark plug is the culprit, your Chevy Traverse’s “Check Engine” light will flash on.
  • Bad fuel economy: If your catalytic converter becomes clogged, exhaust will build up inside your car’s engine. This means your engine will pull in less oxygen, which will cause less efficient fuel consumption. You may also notice that your Chevrolet sputters a few minutes after you start it. In addition, your car may lose power when it’s being driven at higher speeds.
Do Chevrolet catalytic converters require any type of maintenance?

Catalytic converters don’t require direct maintenance as such. They’re part of your Chevys exhaust system, however, so they’re influenced by factors that throw your exhaust system off balance. Engine misfires and fuel injector leaks can damage this device. If you want your Chevrolet Traverse’s catalytic converter to last, don’t ignore your “Check Engine” light.

Are Chevrolet catalytic converters interchangeable?

All catalytic converters perform the same function. Some engines produce more exhaust than others, however. Your converter must be engineered to handle the amount of exhaust your Chevrolet Traverse produces.

Additionally, the physical dimensions of these devices may vary according to the physical dimensions of the vehicles they were designed to fit. Your replacement converter must be able to fit the exhaust pipes that are already in place on your Chevrolet.

Finally, each state has its own set of emissions standards. Some follow the federal standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency. Others follow the stricter CARB standards issued by California. The catalytic converter used in your Chevy Traverse will have to meet the emissions standards in effect in your location. You’ll find this information on the emissions sticker located under the hood of your Chevy motor vehicle.