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Catalytic Converters for Chevrolet Aveo

Catalytic converters for vehicles such as a Chevrolet Aveo are a mechanism that breaks down harmful byproducts of combustion in your engine. These byproducts are normally ejected through exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. In an effort to reduce these emissions, catalytic converters are now required equipment on new cars in nearly all states.

Why do you need a catalytic converter?

Under federal law, all new cars are required to be outfitted with a catalytic converter. Although not every state actively tests cars for compliance with environmental regulations, it may be a crime to remove any catalytic converter from a street-going internal combustion vehicle. In areas like California, vehicles without catalytic converters will not pass inspections and therefore, not be able to be licensed for use on roadways.

Do catalytic converters affect performance?

Modern catalytic converters are scientifically designed to minimize the amount of horsepower taken. While they can slightly reduce performance, the amount is minute, even using sophisticated equipment like dynamometers.

How do catalytic converters help reduce emissions of your vehicle?

Catalytic converters use heat and a substrate to induce catalysis of certain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. They are able to significantly reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.

All of these are significant pollutants that contribute to diminished air quality, visible smog, and acid rain. Catalytic converters are a tool that can be used for cities to help maintain breathable air and diminish the presence of smog.

How can you tell if a converter is missing?

One way to determine if a catalytic converter is missing is by remembering that cars made before 1975 generally did not have them. You may be able to identify these cars with the following characteristics:

  • A visible, dark exhaust smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • A rich gasoline smell
  • A louder exhaust note
  • Nothing but straight pipes upstream of the muffler

These characteristics may indicate that the car is missing its converter. If you are still unsure, ask someone to help you conduct an OBD II O2 sensor check.

Will you need to replace an existing catalytic converter?

In jurisdictions that require active emissions testing for licensing of your vehicle, you may be required to have an operating converter installed on your vehicle. Some states that have jurisdictions where active emissions testing on vehicle engine is carried out, may include:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Washington
  • Oregon
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