Estuches y fundas para teléfonos celulares Samsung

Cases and Covers for Samsung Cell Phones

For Samsung cell phones users, there is a wide selection of stylish, durable phone covers and accessories. The options range from rubber cases to cell phone wallets. By choosing the right case, Samsung users can boost the lifespan, functionality, and aesthetics of their device.

What are the main types of Samsung cell phone cases and covers?

Samsung cases come in a variety of styles, including:

  • Skin Cases: These options are flexible, durable, and lightweight. Theyre ideal if you dont want to add heft to your slim Samsung device. They tend to be constructed of rubber or silicone.
  • Shell Cases: Shell styles are rigid rather than flexible, but theyre still thin and lightweight. Theyre good at protecting the body from scratches, but they dont cover the screen, so many people use shell cases in conjunction with screen covers.
  • Leather Cases: For an upscale aesthetic, select a leather case, which offers excellent protection.
  • Wallet Cases: These styles serve dual purposes. The phone fits snugly in the front. In the back, these cases are equipped with slots and pockets, where you can stash cash, ID cards, and more.
  • Rugged Cases: Rugged styles are designed for people who need the most protection. They often have multiple layers, which means they can withstand tumbles and harsh weather. Theyre also designed to keep out debris.
  • View Flip Cases: View flip cases wrap around the phone, but they allow users to interact with the front of the screen.
What other features do these Samsung covers have?

While some cases simply protect Samsung phones, others perform several functions. They include:

  • Charging: Some cases are equipped with battery charges or wireless charge force, which means users never run out of batteries.
  • LED Cover: There are also cases with LED covers, which provide users with information like time, date, alarms, and incoming calls.
  • Keyboard: Some Samsung cases are equipped with mechanical QWERTY keyboards, which is ideal for users who dont like touchscreen keyboards.
  • Kickstand: When watching videos or movies, a kickstand comes in handy. Many of the Samsung rugged cases have holsters that double as kickstands.

What styles and patterns are Samsung cases available in?

Samsung cases arent just tech protection. Theyre also accessories, which is why they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether youre looking for a case for a Galaxy S8 Plus or a Galaxy Note, available color options include:

  • Black
  • Gold and Silver
  • Blue
  • Red and Pink
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Transparent
  • Striped and Floral