How to Find an Awesome iPhone 4 Case

If you are rocking an iPhone 4, you are going to want to find a quality iPhone 4 case that can protect your phone and showcase your personality. Thankfully, eBay has some affordable options in a variety of styles. Before you make a decision, here are some important things to consider to help you find the right cover.

What kinds of iPhone 4 cases are available?

There are two basic kinds of iPhone 4 cases available on eBay, depending on your style and needs. Below are the two types of cases to consider along with their benefits:

  • Fitted: A fitted iPhone 4 case will cover the back and sides of your iPhone and provide varying degrees of protection for your phone.
  • Wallet: A wallet iPhone 4 case is a folding cover, often made of leather, that has a buckle-like clasp as an enclosure. These can come with storage slots for credit cards and other personal items.
Which features are available in an iPhone 4 case?

There are several important features to consider when looking for an iPhone 4 case. Below are some of the features that you can search for when looking for your cover on eBay:

  • Pocket: There are two kinds of pockets to consider when looking for an iPhone 4 case. The first is a credit card pocket to store your charging or other cards. The second is a storage pocket or compartment for stashing other items.
  • Kickstand: A kickstand model can prop up your phone if you need to have easy access to viewing content, texting, or using apps.
  • Weight: There are lightweight cases available that can make your phone lighter to carry.
  • Shockproof: The extra protection a shockproof iPhone 4 case provides can protect your device against bumps, scrapes, and scratches.
  • Water resistance: A water-resistant iPhone 4 case can be helpful if you plan to use your phone around the pool or other water sources.
What kind of materials are available in iPhone 4 cases?

While you can only search for leather or synthetic leather, there are other materials available in iPhone 4 cases, including gel, silicone, rubber, aluminum, metal, and hard plastic. Each style will provide differing amounts of protection for your iPhone 4. Choose the right material based on functionality and style.

What designer iPhone 4 cases are available?

Whether you are looking for a fancy design, color, or brand name, eBay has many designer styles for the iPhone 4 to choose from. Here are some designer styles you may encounter in your search: Hello Kitty, Nocona, Jeep, mermaid, WVU Mountaineers, New England Patriots, Disney, rhinestone studded, and so much more.

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