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Sun Visors for Chrysler

Sun visors for Chryslers are standardized. Most are shaped similarly and include a mirror. Visors are adjustable to counter a rising or setting sun.

What are some features of standard Chrysler sun visors?

Chrysler sun visors come in several different shades of grey and black. They are typically shaped in a rectangle with rounded edges. Some include a mirror covered by a sliding mini-door or a flap that folds up and down. Sun visors can be pulled straight down to block sun head-on or moved to the window side of the car to block the sun from that side. The angle of a sun visor can be changed easily; they usually rotate on round metal rods for added mobility.

What styles of sun visors are available?

Sun visors typically come in a general style that changes slightly in size depending on the model of the Chrysler vehicle. The color may depend on the interior color of the Chrysler vehicle. All varieties of sun visors are capable of swinging down 180 units to counter direct sun, and additionally flipping 90 units left or right, depending on the side of the car, to block sun coming in through the side windows.

What materials are utilized to make sun visors?

Most visors are made from synthetic blends. Some have a fuzzy texture, while others are smooth and mimic leather. Reflective glass is utilized in the mirrored component, and the door or flap covering the glass portion is typically made from smooth, hard plastic. Reflective components are often situated on cylindrical metal or plastic bars so that they can swing freely in whatever direction is needed.

How do you care for sun visors?

Spots or spills on the fabric part of sun visors can be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in warm water mixed with gentle soap. Rub the cloth into the spill or stain until it lifts. Spills or spots on plastic or leather parts of a sun visor should come off easily with the damp cloth. Feel free to utilize wet wipes on these surfaces as well. The reflective component of sun visors can be cleaned with glass cleaner and newspaper to eliminate streaks. To remove hard water stains or spots on the reflective part, mix three parts baking soda with one part vinegar and rub the paste onto the glass. When you remove the paste, any marks on the reflective surface should come off as well.