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Car & Truck Shift Knobs & Boots

Shift knobs or gear shift boots are inexpensive and easy accessories to improve your cars interior. Custom boots and knobs can add a distinctively personal touch to your car or truck. Knowing what to look for in a gear shift knob or boot and seeing the options you have can help you be even more satisfied with your cars look.

What is a shift knob?

A shift knob is a rounded grip at the end of your cars gear shift lever. Typically, the shift knob or shifter knob is black, smooth, and ergonomic for your hand grip. Many shifters will feature a plastic medallion or embossed surface that indicates the position of the gears from reverse to neutral, and first through fourth.

Are all shift knobs the same?

Shifters can vary widely. Each model of car or truck has its own shift style. If you are looking to maintain the original appearance of your vehicles interior, a basic black knob is a great place to start. Replacing damaged or worn-out knobs can improve the interior appearance and overall look of your car.

What are the advantages of a weighted shift knob?

A weighted shifter knob makes shifting smoother and more effortless. Because of the knobs noticeable weight, the gear shift can engage in the next gear easily and smoothly. Less effort in shifting may be a very desirable quality for some car or truck drivers.

What is a shift boot for?

A shift boot is typically made of black leather or leather-like material such as vinyl or rubber. A boot covers the gear shift lever below the handle and resembles a small black leather gaiter for a shoe. It can serve a number of practical and aesthetic purposes for your truck or car.

  • Cover: The boot covers up the gear shift lever and mechanical parts below the gear shift lever or handle in your truck or car.
  • Protection: The boot covers up the gear assembly and keeps it free from negative effects, liquids, solids, or other potentially harmful elements that could hurt the operation of your cars or trucks gears.
  • Design: Although usually black, the boot often complements the interior appearance of your car or truck by continuing the upholstery design or color or by providing an eye-catching contrast for aesthetic effect.
What kind of shift boot should you get?

Depending on your personal taste and budget, a boot can be made of different materials and colors to suit your needs or the appearance of your truck or car. Black is the most classic color, but there are other colors available to match your cars upholstery. Vinyl and rubber boots tend to be inexpensive and widely available. Leather boots tend to be durable and attractive, and leather tends to be less prone to unsightly wear and tear.