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Oil Coolers for International

Replacing the oil cooler in your Internationals engine is a superb method of ensuring it continues to perform perfectly. This maintenance care task keeps your engine running at optimum temperatures. Finding the best replacement oil coolers for international is easier than ever once you understand the importance of this part.

What is an oil cooler?

Oil cooling involves utilizing oil as an alternative coolant. This item is typically used to eliminate extra heat from the internal combustion engine on trucks or cars. An oil cooler helps keep high-performance versions from becoming overheated.

The oil cooler works to remove surplus heat. The engine is extremely hot and transfers heat to the oil. The oil then passes through a heat exchanger, which is a type of radiator that is referred to as the oil cooler. The oils temp lowers. Then the cooled down oil flows back inside to cool it down once again. This process continues to run in a fluid manner so that the engine is continuously cooled down, preventing overheating or other temperature related problems.

What are the advantages of using oil coolers?

There are many advantages to using oil coolers. Since oil has a boiling point that is higher than water, it can be utilized to reduce the temperature of items that run at 100 degrees Celsius or higher, making it preferable to a water cooling system. It is also an electrical insulator, meaning it can be safely run both inside of or in direct contact with a variety of electrical equipment items, including truck engines and motorcycle engines as well as in transformers.

Oil is already present within your International as a lubricant. Due to this fact, extra coolant tanks, additional radiators, and other pumps are no longer necessary. The process of cooling water may lead to engine corrosion, which necessitates the addition of a rust inhibiting product. Oil, however, is a natural preventive agent of corrosion. Additionally, if there is a gasket failure and cooled-off oil enters the sump or the combustion chamber, it is just a small inconvenience. Conversely, if coolant water were to enter through a similar leak, the engine could incur substantial damage, resulting in costly and time-consuming repairs.

How do you choose the right model?

You can find a new cooler for your International in a plethora of sizes and types. You can easily select the proper oil cooler by considering several factors. One rule of thumb to follow is to purchase one that is as large as possible while still fitting comfortably in the available space along with a thermostat. This ensures that it remains in the optimum temperature range.

This item comes in two basic types. The first style is a tube and fin, while the second is a plate and fin. Tube and fin versions are usually preferred and are described by the number of passes that your oil makes through the coolers length before it returns to the engine. The more passes the oil makes, the higher it performs when exchanging heat.

It’s also important to make sure you don’t select a model that’s too small or restrictive, which could result in the dropping of oil pressure. That could lead to a damaged engine. Double check your engine’s inlet and outlet requirements to avoid this issue.