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Floor Mats and Carpets for Jeep

Floor mats are necessary for keeping your car clean and protected. With as much food, dirt, and debris that drivers can introduce to an interior, the right set is important. To pick the right ones for your Jeep, consider the available options and how you use your vehicle.

What types of mats are available?

The type of mat, carpet, or liner appropriate for your Jeep depends on how much protection you need and the type of material you prefer. The following distinctions should help you make a good choice for your vehicle.

  • Floor mats - These are made from soft material and work well to protect from spills, leaks, and stains. Some are specifically made to ward off the elements, while others are made to be attractive or fun.
  • Floor liners - These liners are similar to mats but are made of harder materials like rubber or plastic. Designed to more seriously protect floors, particularly from heavy-duty use, floor liners also tend to cover more space.
  • Carpet mats - These are great for Jeep drivers who don’t use their vehicles heavily. They tend to be more comfortable than other floor mats and floor liners, as well.
Should you purchase universal or custom-fit floor mats?

Jeeps can support both kinds of mats, but again, it depends on how you’d like to protect the flooring.

Custom-fit floor mats and floor liners cover as much of the ground as possible. Many of these are actually floor liners. They are made for specific makes and models and are intended for use with matching cars. They also tend to be high-end.

Universal floor mats and floor liners will fit few cars perfectly, but if your Jeep ever undergoes interior changes, you’ll still get a decent fit. They come in several sizes and are often plentiful if you need the protection sooner rather than later.

Some manufacturers also make in-between liners and mats. While they are not custom, they are designed to have a more accurate fit. You can also trim these to better match your Jeep model.

How do you clean Jeep floor mats and liners?
  1. Start by removing any loose objects on the product, including items you would like to keep. Empty your interior as much as possible before cleaning.
  2. Shake the floor mats or liners free of larger dirt and debris. Vacuum them, especially if they’re carpeted, as well as the area around them.
  3. If you find a stain, dilute it with water and use a mild cleaner to remove it. Floor mats made from non-fabric materials are less likely to stain, but it’s still a good idea to remove any standing foods and liquids as soon as you see them.