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Floor Mats and Carpets for Jaguar

Getting in and out of your Jaguar can put a lot of wear and tear on your floors, but carpets and mats for your vehicle can protect it from damage. Aftermarket products for Jaguar cars provide quality and durability that can help you maximize the value of your vehicle. You can find Jaguar floor mats that complement the interior of any Jaguar whether it has cloth, leather, or vinyl seating.

Do replacement floor mats offer extra durability and protection?

Rubber matting is designed to absorb the normal wear and tear that drivers put on their cars by getting in and out of the seats and by pressing on the gas and brake pedals. A wide range of matting is available to accommodate the needs of drivers of all Jaguar models. Like rubber matting, carpeting offers protection from wear and tear as well as decorative appeal.

In addition to protecting the floors of your Jaguar, matting provides support and cushioning for your feet while you drive. It also makes the ride more comfortable for your passengers. The extra padding can absorb some of the shock of driving on the roads.

How do you replace your Jaguar floor mats?

Floor mats are designed to stay in place by fastening to metal hooks hidden in the floor cavities of the front seats. The Jaguar floor mats for the back seat are designed to stay in place by conforming to the shape of the floor. Here are steps to install new mats:

  • Unhook the front matting and remove it from the vehicle.
  • Set the new front mats in the appropriate positions and hook them into place.
  • Remove the old matting from the back and replace it with the new product.
How often should floor mats be replaced?

These products are wear-and-tear items that must be replaced on a regular schedule. Rubber matting typically lasts one to three years between replacements while carpeting can last six months to two years. Its important to exchange worn-out products for new matting regularly to extend the life of your car and to maintain its cosmetic value.

How do you care for Jaguar mats and carpets?

Properly cleaning your floor mats can help to increase their lifespan and will keep them looking new for an extended time. Carpets can be dry-cleaned with a brush or vacuum whereas rubber mats can be washed with soap and water. If youre using water to clean your Jaguar floor mats, its important to remove them from the vehicle before working on them. Taking your mats out of the vehicle can make cleaning them faster and easier.