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Car & Truck Exterior Door Handles for Lexus

Door handles are available for a variety of Lexus models, giving you the opportunity to match the Lexus with a handle that will shine. When looking for a new replacement or upgrade handle, you can see which part will make your vehicle stand out.

What materials are door handles made from?

Depending on your Lexus model and specific trim, the handle for the exterior of your vehicles door will be made of aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. Regardless of the material, OEM exterior handles are designed to be a direct replacement for the original equipment, with the same specifications. They are designed to be durable and attach firmly to your car or trucks door. The majority of the plastic equipment for the exterior of your vehicles doors will weigh around 1.5 pounds, depending on your cars specific trim.

What color are Lexus exterior door handles?

There are as many color options for your vehicles exterior door attachments as there are colors for Lexus cars. You can pick and choose from a variety of options for your specific model. Common options are metallic chrome and black. Alternatively, if you want a custom color, you can find options that have not been primed, allowing you to paint it to match the door of your vehicle. Regardless of the color or priming, you can trust that this specific accessory for your car door will be just as smooth as the original, retaining your Lexus vehicles consistent image.

Is the exterior of the door compatible with performance accessories?

If youve customized the exterior of your Lexus sedan with the appearance of a performance car, you can add performance parts to your door handles. Based on your specific model and trim, you may have the option of adding parts such as carbon fiber covers for a sharp look. Other options for parts and accessories for the car door include black grips to prevent your hand from slipping as well as chrome covers for a sleek and shiny appearance.

What types of handles do you have for the doors?

Your handle on the car door will vary, but you can find handles with spots for the lock. These parts will swing open when you pull the handle. Another option includes a release where you place your hand under the handle and lifts to open after you put the key into the lock. More modern versions are designed to work with keyless entry fob technology. Each option, whether it is aftermarket or from the original equipment manufacturer, is designed to be easy to install, with either a spring for a lift or a bezel attachment for a pull.