Paneles de puerta de coche y camión

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Car and Truck Interior Door Panels and Parts

Opening up the interior panel in your vehicle can seem like a daunting task, but it can be done. You can make the process simpler by having all of the necessary parts and tools on hand before you begin. No matter what needs to be replaced, you can find the right part for the job.

Can door panels and parts be found for any vehicle or only certain ones?

Unless your vehicle is a very obscure model, you can find the panels and parts you need for your door interiors. There are parts available for Chevy trucks, GMC models, even BMW.

What are the parts inside of a door panel?

Here are some of the pieces of an interior panel and the parts that can be replaced:

  • Panel and clips: The panel is the large plastic piece that covers the interior from the window to the floorboard. It houses the handle and controls for the windows, mirrors, etc. It also covers the opening mechanisms and motors. These panels install using specialized clips that attach to the panel and clip into holes in the outer frame. You can find both the panels and the clips needed to install them if they need to be replaced.
  • Door handle and cable assembly: The door handle and the cable assembly that opens the door are contained in the panel. When you pull the handle, the cable pulls the latch of the door to open it.
  • Window and mirror control mechanism: On an interior door handle, there are toggle switches that control the windows and rearview mirrors. These switches are seated on the door panel and are connected by wires inside the door that connect to the motors. You can also find replacements for the motors themselves if theyve gone out.
  • Door lock and control: The locking mechanism and control switch are both housed in the door panel. The door lock can be controlled by a key or key fob remote, by hand, or by a switch in the door panel that will unlock all the doors on the car. If the door is locked, the cable will not pull the latch when the handle is pulled.
  • Arm rest and pull handle: Every interior door panel has an arm rest and handle to pull the door closed. While some panels have these features molded into the panel itself, others are separate pieces that can be replaced without replacing the whole panel.
  • Speakers and tweeters: The front speakers of a cars audio system are usually housed in the interior door panel. They have tabs that screw into the frame to reduce road vibration and connect via wires that run out of the front of the door to the in dash stereo unit. Sometimes there are also small speakers called tweeters in the door panel. These carry only the treble of the audio being played to balance with the bass from other speakers or a subwoofer.