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Condensers and Evaporators for International

Evaporators and condensers are essential parts for the cooling system of any vehicle. Those produced by International allow your vehicle to condense Freon in the compressor and send cold air through your system. You can find a variety of replacement condensers and evaporators for International in this selection of parts.

Why do vehicles have evaporators and condensers?

Evaporators and condensers use the concept of compression to provide your vehicle with cold air. The compressor essentially condenses Freon air in the vehicle. This compression creates a cold gas inside of the air conditioner. The air then flows past the gas and is pumped through your car.

Evaporators and condensers produced by International follow this standard design. They typically have condensers, evaporators, and other parts that help to condense Freon quickly and efficiently. However, the primary design will also vary depending on the individual car used with the evaporator and compressor.

For example, some Ford vehicles have a condenser output on the left side of the air conditioning, requiring a different design for this part. In some Chevrolet vehicles, the condenser will be on the right side. As a result, it is essential to take these considerations into mind before making a purchase.

What parts make up a typical condenser and evaporator system?

The most critical part of a condenser and evaporator cooling unit is the coolant. This gas is what will help provide your air conditioner with the cold air it needs to run correctly. However, there are other parts to consider as well. For example, the receiver helps to filter the coolant to remove any dangerous contaminants. These items could heavily damage the condenser and evaporator if left in the coolant.

The condensers and evaporators are also essential to understand. A condenser helps to make the gas into a liquid that can absorb the heat of your engine. In this way, it helps to cool your vehicle down more efficiently. There is also an expansion valve on this part that controls how your coolant flows. It keeps your rate of heat exchange safe as well.

Lastly, the evaporator works by forcing warm air over pipes of refrigerant. This heated air causes the coolant in the tubes to evaporate. The heat exchange process here will make the coolant even cooler and allow your car the luxury of cold and comfortable air during hot days.

What individual International evaporators and condensers are there?

Evaporators produced for International come in many different types. For example, the aluminum parallel flow CSF 10625 is designed to fit on a variety of different vehicle makes and models. These evaporators are somewhat similar to the core four seasons 44110 model. It is designed to fit evaporators and cooling units of the International Harvester brand.

These parts may vary depending on the type of fuel used in the vehicle. For example, the core four seasons model mentioned above works with evaporators designed for diesel engines. Other evaporators may be designed for car motors of different sizes and power loads. Be sure to carefully inspect your selection before having it installed.