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Car & Truck Automatic Transmissions & Parts

Car & Truck Automatic Transmissions & Parts

The automatic transmission, which eliminates the need to manually shift, was invented in 1932, and was first used in personal cars and trucks sold by GE in 1940. As more features have been added and advances discovered, automatic transmissions are increasing in their fuel efficiency, speed, and torque power. If youre needing parts and transmissions for repairs on your car or truck, mostly likely, the part you need is available.

Are there accessories in addition to transmissions and parts?

In addition to the major parts and assemblies themselves, you can also find accessories, such as transmission fluid and bottles of special stop-leak fluid. Keep in mind that when youre assembling the parts, youll need additional items such as nuts, bolts, dipsticks, and other small items. Many of the small accessory parts are custom designed by the manufacturer for your specific car. If looking for OEM items instead of aftermarket parts, youll find the exact item number you need by checking your manual.

Is there a difference between OEM, custom, or aftermarket parts?

If the original automatic transmissions that came with the vehicles are not available as a replacement, you can consider an aftermarket, custom, or OEM part. The differences include:

  • Quality: An OEM repair transmission will be made by the same company, factory, and material, using the same specifications. An aftermarket copy can come from any third party.
  • Specifications: Your OEM automatic transmissions, shifts, repair parts, and accessories will have the same specifications as the original engine. An aftermarket part may not have the same specifications, causing performance and drive differences.
Do the parts come with installation instructions?

If youre working on your personal car or truck, you may need some assistance installing your new transmission. OEM parts will often feature a service manual, whereas an aftermarket or specialty custom part may not. Proper installation is vital to maintaining your cars control and performance, so youll want to consider your vehicle repair experience before choosing the part.

Are there parts for all makes and models?

You can find parts for many makes and models, including but not limited to Ford, GE, Nissan, Toyota, and Mopar. For the highest accuracy rate, youll want to know the exact information for your car or truck, such as the model and any specific trims and engines. Some cars and trucks have their transmissions as well as other main parts in the trunk, so check your manual to verify the location.