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Air Dams for Ram

When youre driving around in your Dodge Ram, you want to be sure that youre getting the most out of your vehicle. An air dam can be mounted to the front of the pickup to help with ventilation, stability, and fuel economy. You can find a range of options for your Ram, no matter its year or specific model, from factory replacements to ones with more customized looks.

How effective are air dams for a Ram?

When driving your Ram at high speeds, lift is generated under the body of the truck. In a ground vehicles case, the lift works against what youre trying to do since it can lead to less precise handling and poor stability. An air dam works against this effect because it grounds the vehicle. The benefits of dams include:

  • They allow the tires to maintain greater contact with the ground. This leads to better control during steering, accelerating, and decelerating.
  • They help the nose of the truck remain pointed at the ground instead of up toward the sky. This keeps things more stable.
  • They can reduce the amount of air passing underneath a Ram truck and instead direct it to the radiator. This reduces drag and can lead to improvements in gas mileage. It can also let the radiator cool more efficiently.
  • They can add to the appearance of the truck by creating a greater sense of heft and power.
What are air dams made out of?
  • ABS plastic: When plastic is mixed with strengtheners, it can become an ideal material for vehicle parts. Its just flexible enough while being durable to withstand road conditions.
  • Fiberglass: This material is very durable and can stand up to the rugged terrain that trucks regularly traverse.
  • Silicon: Silicon has high plasticity, so it can be formed into a variety of items. Silicon products offer a unique look.
  • Carbon fiber: As the most durable and lightweight of these materials, carbon fiber is a premium choice.
How are dams held in place on a Ram?

Theyre typically held in place with a combination of plastic clips and bolts. The bolts can be found on either side of the truck in the front wheel wells. When you turn your tires all the way in either direction, youll be able to see them clearly. Turn right to see the bolt on the left wheel well, and turn left to see the bolt on the right. The plastic clips are spaced along the front of the dam, securing it to the rest of the vehicle.