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Belts, Pulleys, and Brackets for Suzuki Grand Vitara

The belts, pulleys, and brackets in your Suzuki Grand Vitara play an important role in powering the different systems of your vehicle. When you need to replace one of these components, here are some questions that may come up.

What does a serpentine belt do?

The serpentine belt in your Suzuki helps to keep your power steering, alternator, air conditioning, and water pump running with a series of pulleys and the belt. These belts can come in a variety of sizes that fit different engine models. Selecting the right belt will help to ensure that your Grand Vitara runs smoothly.

How do you choose pulleys for your Suzuki Grand Vitara?

When choosing a replacement pulley for your Grand Vitara, you have different options available. Following these tips can help with the selection process.

  • Gather information on the make, model, and year of your SUV. You may also need to gather information on the production year. In some cases, the company may switch parts in the middle of the year, and using this information can help you locate the right parts.
  • Choose a size of pulley. The power steering, air compressor, and other systems will have pulleys of different sizes. You should try to find pulleys that match the width of the serpentine belt.
  • Choose a brand of pulley. You can choose from OEM and aftermarket options. Some aftermarket options can be made of different materials than OEM standards and can be more durable.
Are there tips for buying brackets or belts?

When you need to choose a replacement serpentine belt, you’ll have a selection of replacement belts available.

  • Check to see if the belt tensioner needs to be replaced. This piece keeps the serpentine belt tight so that it doesn’t get loose on the pulleys. Having this replaced at the same time as the belt can help to keep the systems running.
  • Choose a belt for your engine. Older Grand Vitara SUVs may use a system of V-belts, but all new vehicles use a serpentine belt to drive the key parts.
  • Choose a brand that is compatible with your vehicle. You will want to select the right size for your vehicle, along with a proper thickness and materials.
What companies manufacture belts and pulleys for your Suzuki?

When you need to replace one of the belts, pulleys, or brackets in your Grand Vitara, you have several options available. If you would prefer to use original equipment manufacturer parts, you will want to choose parts manufactured by Suzuki. OEM parts are manufactured by the same company that created the factory-installed parts. You also have the option of selecting from companies like ACDelco, Bando, Dayco, and others that make aftermarket replacement options.