Cinturones de accesorios para automóviles y camiones y piezas para Mercedes-Benz E350

Belts, Pulleys, and Brackets for Mercedes-Benz E350

The Mercedes-Benz E350 is a luxury sedan known for its excellent features and smooth driving performance. If an E350 is showing signs of malfunction, it may be caused by the drive belts and its associated components. With a wide selection of belts, pulleys, and brackets for Mercedes-Benz E350, you can find the parts you need to make repairs.

What is the function of the drive belt?

The drive belt is an integral part of any Mercedes-Benz car. These belts are responsible for transferring power to many of the cars accessories, such as the power steering pump, the alternator, and the air conditioner compressor. The belt is able to deliver power to these various components thanks to the friction generated between the belt and the pulleys. When these belts start to slacken or get damaged, they are no longer able to deliver power to essential car accessories, and this can lead to total vehicle failure.

What kind of belt system does the E350 use?

Most E350 cars are equipped with a serpentine belt system, where one long belt is used throughout all of the car components. These belts are usually constructed with a series of v-shaped ribs, which promotes cooling. Serpentine belts are durable and easy to repair, and Mercedes-Benz owners wont have trouble finding compatible replacement parts.

What additional parts are needed to install the belt?

When installing a replacement belt, Mercedes-Benz owners may simply need the belt itself. When extensive damage occurs, however, additional parts may be necessary. They include:

  • Belt Tensioner: The belt tensioner consists of a pulley and an internal spring. These tensioners place the required force on the belt, ensuring that its taut enough to bring power to the necessary vehicle accessories.
  • Brackets: Brackets keep the tensioners and pulleys aligned. This keeps the belt on the right path as it winds its way through a car.
What are signs of a damaged drive belt?

When the belt is an Mercedes-Benz sedan starts to malfunction, drivers may experience issues such as:

  • Steering woes: If the belt is too damaged to function properly, the power steering system will cease to function. This can be a safety hazard, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class drivers should try to fix a damaged belt as soon as they can.
  • No air conditioning: The drive belt also powers the AC system. If Mercedes-Benz E350 drivers notice that their vents arent releasing cold air when the AC is on, a faulty drive belt may be the culprit.
  • Squealing Noise: When belts start to slip, it often produces a high-pitched squealing sound. E-Class drivers who notice squeals coming from the front of their car should get their drive belt inspected.
  • Overheating: The drive belt powers the water pump, which helps to cool the engine. If the water pump isnt functioning properly, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class may overheat.