Car Audio In-Dash units

Car Audio In-Dash Units

A good audio unit can have you listening to tunes from AM/FM radios, satellite, and even your smartphone. With Bluetooth capabilities and even GPS guidance, you can find a unit to help make your car ride much more pleasant.

What are capabilities do audio units have?

Technology is plentiful for car stereo systems, and there are a multitude of options when it comes to your audio unit. Here are some examples of what the units can do:

  • Play music: Most units have the ability to receive AM/FM radio signals. Some have a CD player or possibly a cassette tape deck as well.
  • Connect to a smartphone: Whether it's an Android or iOS, most cell phones come equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows your phone to connect wirelessly to nearby devices. Many car stereo units come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can play music from your library or even conduct a call hands-free.
  • GPS navigation: There are in-dash car radios that have a GPS unit built into them to give you directions through your car's speakers.
  • DVD player: Some units have large screens on them that can show video from DVDs for the viewing pleasure of your passengers. Some come equipped with a DVD drive or can connect to an external DVD player.
What are the different accessories with an in-dash radio?

The accessories you'll need to install your unit will depend on how your audio system is set up. Check the instructions of your unit and assess the existing setup of your car to determine what will be needed. Here is just a small sample of some of the accessories for audio units:

  • Mounting kit: Some radios require a metal sleeve or holder that holds it firmly in place in your dashboard. These kits will also include the hardware needed to attach the stereo to the dashboard.
  • Wiring harness: A wiring harness allows a quicker connection of the wires from your unit to the car's audio setup and power.
  • Faceplate case or pouch: Most stereos have faceplates on them that are removable for security. The car stereo cannot be operated without the faceplate. A case or pouch can hold the faceplate and keep it safe from dust or water and make it stick out to the eye so that you don't forget it when you leave.
  • Auxiliary cord: Some car stereos have an auxiliary input, which means that you can hook anything up to it that has a headphone jack through an auxiliary cable.
  • External CD changer or DVD player: You can find CD players to hook up to your unit that will hold multiple CDs and rotate between them by remote or through the unit's controls. You can also find external DVD systems that will either play on your unit's screen or on an external screen, with the audio coming through the car's speakers.