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A/C Compressor and Clutch for Ford

The compressor is like an engine within an engine that makes a vehicle’s air conditioning system work. Liquid refrigerant heats up as it flows through a series of pumps, valves, bearings, and tubes before it is condensed into a cool gas that is blown into the passenger cabin. If any problems occur during this process, cool air will not come out, and the individual parts or the entire system will have to be repaired or replaced.

Why does the A/C compressor clutch engage and disengage?

The electromagnetic clutch is the main component of the compressor. The system becomes engaged when an electrical current goes through a magnetic coil, which turns on the air conditioner when the engine is running. The air conditioning compressor becomes disengaged when the electrical current stops, which turns off the air conditioner. Regular maintenance of the clutch is necessary to keep the compressor running efficiently for as long as possible. A damaged clutch can lead to more damage to the valves, pumps, and other areas of the system. The system should be replaced upon the first sign of damage.

What causes A/C compressor clutch failure?

All mechanical parts wear down after a long period of time, and a car’s A/C compressor clutch is no different. In addition to normal wear and tear, other reasons for this component’s failure include the following:

  • Overheating as the result of an insufficient amount of Freon or compressor oil.
  • Poor lubrication throughout the system.
  • The use of the wrong oil.
  • Liquid refrigerant leakage due to damaged tubes.
What is a compressor clutch relay?

The relay is an electrical system that provides power to the compressor and the clutch. Even if all other components in the system are in good working order, the A/C system will not operate if the relay is not working. The relay can burn out over time through normal wear-and-tear like all other A/C system components, and it will need to be replaced. Signs of a failing or burned out relay include the following:

  • Inoperable A/C system
  • Inconsistent cool air
  • No production of cold air
What does a clicking sound mean?

In most cases when there is a loud clicking sound, it almost always means the A/C compressor should be replaced. There are several reasons why there is a loud clicking sound coming from the compressor. The main reason for the clicking sound is that the system no longer works. This usually happens with vehicles that have 150,000 miles or more. Another reason is that there is a liquid refrigeration or an oil leak within the system. A third reason is that too much liquid refrigerant or oil in the system is causing the internal components to overheat, which wears them down and causes damage.