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How to Choose Canon Wide-Angle Camera Lenses

Canon wide-angle camera lenses provide you with the ability to snap wide-angled images. This is good for landscape photography, large architectural images, or anything else that requires a wider field of vision to capture appropriately. These lenses are compatible with a range of different mounts, including Canon EF, EF-S, EOS, and IS systems.

How does focal length change in wide-angle camera lenses?

You might have noticed that each of these lenses has a focal length number on it that can be anything from 3.4 millimeters to over 300 millimeters, which is a distance that can be also used as a zoom lens. This number represents the distance between the image sensor and the lens when an object is in focus. This length determines how much of the scene in front of you will be captured as well as how large specific objects will be. The shorter the length, the wider the angle of view is, which is why most wide angle lenses come equipped with shorter lengths. A wide-angle camera lens can usually hold a lot in focus.

What does the manual focus do on wide-angle lenses?

Electing to use the manual focusing system on your Canon lens lets you adjust a wide array of settings in order to achieve the exact look that you want. The main manual setting on a wide angle lens is the focus. On the majority of lenses, a focus ring will be located directly on the lens, allowing you to quickly rotate it in order to move the focus on the elements inside that area. When using these focusing settings, you will be honing in on an object or multiple objects in the frame of your photo.

What types of cameras are these lenses compatible with?

A wide-angle lens is commonly used in landscape photography because they allow the photographer to capture a lot of space in a single image. Although these lenses are very particular in what they provide, they are compatible with most camera types. Many of these lenses can be fitted onto a single lens reflex device, which is a type of camera that allows you to look directly through the lens in order to see exactly what is about to be captured. Another type of camera that these lenses are compatible with is a Canon DSLR, which allows you to view the image through an electronic viewfinder before the photo is taken. Other types of cameras these lenses are compatible with include camcorders, rangefinders, medium format devices, and mirror-less systems.

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