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A Brief Overview of the Canon Speedlite 430EX II Camera Flash

Canon manufactures a variety of flashes that can interchangeably be used with other Canon cameras. The Canon Speedlite 430ex ii is a mid-sized flash that can be used all day during photo shoots and that can be found for sale on eBay. The flash recycles silently and extremely fast, so it continues blasting out power as you shoot.

What are some features of the Speedlite 430ex ii?
  • Max guide number: The guide number is 141 feet/43 meters at ISO 100.
  • Full-power flashes: The device produces 200 flashes when used with alkaline batteries.
  • Wireless control: The flash operates via an optical transmission system with four channels that can also be used as a wireless receiver.
  • Flip-down diffuser: The 14-millimeter diffuser panel can be used with all full-frame cameras and all 24- to 105-millimeter lenses.
What are the Speedlite's flash ranges?
  • Normal flash: The range is 2.3 - 79.7 feet /0.7 - 24.3 meters.
  • High sync speed: The range is 2.3 - 39.4 feet /0.7 - 12 meters.
  • Assist Beam (AB) range: The infrared range is 2.3 - 32.8 feet /0.7 - 10 meters.
  • Periphery range: The range in total darkness is 2.3 - 16.4 feet /0.7 - 5 meters.
  • Custom functions: The LCD panel consists of six custom flash functions.
How can you capture action with this flash?
  • Slow flash sync: Use a slower shutter speed with the flash to create frozen realistic shots.
  • Pan out: Follow the subject with a slower shutter speed and flash to keep your subject focused and the background blurry.
  • Off-camera flash: Remove the flash from the hot shoe, and point it in various angles to lighten subjects.
  • Zoom head: The 24- to 105-millimeter zoom head allows you to zoom into the subject and to capture it moving.
  • Balance shadows: Trigger the flash to hit a subject standing under a tree.
What is the Canon Speedlite?

The Speedlite is Canon’s brand name for its external flash units that work with Canon’s EOS flash system. Canon’s line of new Speedlite flashes is designed to work with its camera hot shoes. When the hot shoe receives signals from the camera, the flash unit produces shorter and more intense bursts of light. Canon’s pre-owned Speedlite flashes are able to produce continuous lighting without compromising the quality of lighting. A Guide Number of 43 powers the Speedlite allowing for bounce flash, allowing the flash head to zoom and shoot with a telephoto lens.