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Canon Digital Cameras

Canon is one of the most well-known brands in the photography industry. The company produces high-quality digital cameras for both professional photographers and household consumers. Canon offers both point-and-shoot and digital SLR models.

What is a point-and-shoot camera?

Canon manufactures a line of PowerShot compact digital cameras that are also known as point-and-shoot. In addition, they are compact and simple to use. Canon PowerShot cameras have a built-in zoom that allows the contrast of depth of field. This prevents a flat subject of interest, which can occur when the background and foreground align, and allows for a foreground object to stand out against a blurry background.

What is a digital SLR camera?

A digital SLR is a high-end, intricate camera that allows for the exchange of assorted lenses of various sizes and functions. Digital SLR cameras are built with a walled prism that allows you to view the image in the camera exactly as you see it in front of you. Once you snap a photo, the shutter remains open for the speed set manually by the user or automatically. The light reflected from the subject bounces off to the lens and in turn, reflects onto the prism. The prism then reflects and transmits the image to your eyes. You can use it in fully automated or manual mode. Canons SLR and DSLR series is called the EOS series.

Canon DSLR cameras typically come standard with an all-purpose lens that attaches to it. This lens is good for a wide range of mid-range and distance shots. This 18-55 mm lens can be switched out for other lenses that offer telephoto, wide-angle, macro, fish-eye, and other capabilities. Filters are also available for these lenses to further enhance their photography abilities.

What is an imaging sensor?

The majority of these Canon SLR cameras have the capacity to produce high-resolution images that can be printed as 8 by 10 inches and larger. An imaging sensor rates the image of megapixels to determine the exposure, the resolution, and the image size. The larger the sensor is, the sharper and higher the resolution the resulting images will have. With this sensor, you have the freedom to change the various depth of fields through settings and interchangeable lenses. Also, these digital SRL cameras have the ability to shoot video. Large-format professional DSLRs come equipped with additional features that a consumer DSLR camera does not have.