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Dodge Caravan Bumpers

Dodge Caravan bumpers serve the important purpose of protecting car drivers and passengers. Different materials comprise different parts of the piece on the front and rear of the vehicle. Reinforcements can help strengthen these parts even more.

What is the function of bumpers on a Caravan?

On a Dodge Caravan, these parts serve to absorb as much impact as possible during minor car accidents. This thick, chunky piece of metal sits in front of the cargo space and in front of the car’s hood.

What materials are bumpers made from?

Most of these parts on Dodge Caravans are made from different blends of plastic that has been thermo-treated. The process of rapidly heating and cooling the plastic as it is being made strengthens it and makes it more adaptable to different weather temperatures and elements like snow and rain. Sometimes, the plastic composite is mixed with fibers of glass or other durable textiles for added strength. Often, there is a heavy metal bar of aluminum or steel underneath the plastic shell.

What are differences between front and rear bumpers?

These parts serve the same function whether they are located on the front or rear of the vehicle. Often, the front model on a Dodge Caravan is slightly less substantial than the back model because of how it needs to fit into the van’s design. There is a dip in the front to accommodate venting that is not present under the cargo space in the back. Otherwise, front and back designs are very much alike.

What is the difference between a bumper spoiler and reinforcement?
  • A spoiler is a largely decorative piece that sits below the front model, mostly for decoration and sometimes to add aerodynamic value to the car.
  • Reinforcements are durable components designed to do exactly what their name implies. If a bumper sustains damage, the reinforcement helps to keep it intact and capable of absorbing even more impact.
How do you care for this part of the vehicle?

These parts of a Dodge Caravan can be washed as part of the overall vehicle. They are likely to be thoroughly cleaned by taking your vehicle through an automatic car wash. You can also wash the exterior of your vehicle with warm water and soap. Apply the mixture to a soft sponge and wash dirt and debris off the part. Rinse with clean water afterward. Dry with another soft cloth, and consider polishing it with car polish or wax in order to preserve paint quality and shine. Apply polish or wax in a circular motion, and rub a dry, soft cloth over the same area to remove any excess, using the same circular motion.