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Buffalo Coats and Jackets for Men

Whether you are traveling to a business meeting on a chilly day or are running some errands, coats and jackets can complete your outfit. These Buffalo coats and jackets for men can be selected in over a dozen sizes that are divided into two categories of regular sizes and big and tall sizes. They come in many different styles that include bomber jackets and trench coats.

What are some styles available with these coats and jackets?
  • Bomber: This is a thin and short type of jacket that was originally worn as a flight jacket and consists of an inner lining that is primarily made of wool.
  • Pea coat: This is a short yet thick overcoat that is comprised of a coarse woolen cloth. It is double-breasted and has a length that extends to below the waist.
  • Parka: This is a large jacket that comes with a hood and is designed with high amounts of padding. These coats are oftentimes lined with fur or some type of faux fur.
  • Trench: This is a type of raincoat that is loose and belted and comes in a double-breasted design. It can come in a variety of different lengths, the primary of which extend to either just above the knee or right below the knee.
  • Fleece: These involve any types of jackets that are made from a synthetic type of wool that is known as fleece. They usually come outfitted with a zipper up the middle.
Which materials do these jackets come in?
  • Down: This is a type of fabric that is made from the plumage of a duck or goose. Down is soft and lightweight in nature.
  • Wool: This is a type of hair that is taken from a goat, sheep, or similar animal. It is shorn from the animal and prepared in a variety of ways before being made into a yarn or cloth.
  • Cotton: This is a white substance that is gathered from various plants within tropical areas from all around the world. It is altered into a thread or textile fiber before being used in the creation of Buffalo jackets.
  • Nylon: This is a lightweight synthetic polymer that has elastic properties and is produced into a variety of different types of materials, including molded objects, filaments, and sheets.
What are some themes with these Buffalo jackets?

These Buffalo jackets can be selected in a variety of themes, the most common of which are racing and police themes. Additional themes that are available to you with these garments include Batman, Matrix, rodeo, Star Lord, and Top Gun.

Which colors do these Buffalo garments come in?

These Buffalo garments are available in a wide array of color options, the primary of which include black and brown. A selection of additional color options available to you include beige, green, ivory, blue, red, purple, and yellow. Some of these items are available in multiple colors with such combinations as gray and black or red and black.

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