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Brighton Shoes for Women

Brighton offers trendy shoes designed specifically for women, from flip-flops, sandals, and wedges to flats, pumps, boots, and mules. There is a wide selection of colors and styles to go with any wardrobe and to fit any occasion. Brighton shoes are designed with durable materials for long-lasting comfort and wear.

With what materials are Brighton shoes for women crafted?

Brighton footwear -- including the sandals, boots, mules, wedges and flats -- are designed with waterproof leather material. The exclusively crafted designs are constructed with high-quality leather and can withstand all types of environments and pressure from surfaces.

Are Brighton Collectibles true to size?

All styles of Brighton shoes are designed in narrow, medium, and wide sizes to accurately fit the length and width of each foot. If you need an extra wide width, try the next size larger, and add insoles to your feet for a more comfortable fit. If you plan on wearing thick socks with narrow shoes, consider purchasing shoes a half-size larger than your normal shoe size to accommodate the thicker material.

What sizes does Brighton offer for women?

The adult sizes for ladies range from size 5 to 11. The shoes also include half sizes.

Will the shoes keep your feet cool and dry?

All Brighton footwear is made with water-resistant, breathable material designed to maintain excellent condition over a period of time. These handcrafted, leather shoes provide great flexibility for the feet, particularly in harsh weather conditions.

What types of colors do Brighton shoes come in?

Brighton offers an assortment of shoes and other accessories for all occasions, from everyday casual wear to dressy, for those special occasions when you want to turn heads. Most of the handcrafted leather shoes for women are sold in solid black and brown. Brighton also offers a variety of shoes designed with trendy patterns. Many of the boots and mules are solid black or brown to go well with different outfits. Some of the sandals, flip-flops, and flats are made with a variety of colors and designs.

Are Brighton heels and wedges comfortable to wear for long hours?

All of the heel shoes made by Brighton, including the sandals and boots, are well-crafted with genuine leather material for added comfort and durability. Each shoe style is designed for day-to-day, extended wear. The high-quality materials are made to stay intact while you’re walking and prevent the heel from chipping or cracking.