Abanicos y sombrillas de novia

Bridal Fans & Parasols

The feminine flair of a parasol or fan can make any wedding or reception party a more appealing event. These wedding umbrellas and fans can be both pretty and practical since they help to shield brides from the elements. Wedding parasols and fans can also be used as decor, accessories, or favors.

What are common wedding parasol and fan types?

There are many different designs for wedding umbrellas and fans. Many are white, but some companies do sell colorful ones to match the wedding theme.

  • Lace: A lace parasol or fan is elegant and dainty. Whether you pick a classic Battenburg lace or a more modern floral design, a lace parasol adds charm to a wedding.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo and paper wedding umbrellas are a fun and quirky choice for those not from the culture. Depending on the color, they can also be ideal for traditional Asian weddings.
  • Feather: Though mostly used for fans, feathers are also becoming a popular lining for parasols. Fluffy feathers can look fun and flirty.
  • Ruffled: Fabric bridal umbrellas lined with ruffles offer a feminine flair. These vintage designs are usually used at Victorian-style weddings and are also reminiscent of the Old South.
What can you use a wedding parasol for?

A parasol umbrella has many different uses.

  • Rain protection: If your wedding weather is unexpectedly bad, a waterproof umbrella can keep the wedding party dry during an outdoor ceremony.
  • Shade: People who are easily burned in the sun will appreciate the shade from a parasol umbrella. At hot summer events, the shade of a parasol can also help you to see the event better.
  • Decoration: Paper parasols can be an affordable and pretty decoration. You can hang paper parasols upside down from the ceiling to add a festive note.
  • Bridal Accessories: Some brides carry a parasol with them as a pretty accessory. It looks great with Victorian, Southern belle, goth, or steampunk style ceremonies.
How do you add fans to your marriage ceremony?

Fans are just as useful as umbrellas when you are planning to get married.

  • Help people to stay cool: Put a paper fan on each chair so guests can keep themselves cool during the vows.
  • Table decor: Pretty fans with ivory handles or flower designs can be part of the centerpieces for your tables at the reception.
  • Photo booth accents: Big, sparkly, feathery fans are a fun way for your guests to pose if you have a photo booth at your wedding.
  • Party favors: You can get personalized, commemorative fans to hand out as a wedding favors after the event.