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Ford F150 Caliper Parts

All Ford F-150 trucks have disc braking systems on their front wheels, and some have rear disc braking systems as well. Disc braking systems depend upon caliper-like instruments to work efficiently. Under average driving conditions, you can expect your Ford F-150s disc braking system to hold up for between 50,000 and 70,000 miles.

What do Ford-150 braking system caliper-like devices do?

Vehicles with disc brakes have round devices called rotors attached to their wheels. The caliper-like device fits over the top of each rotor. Caliper-like devices contain pistons activated by the fluid within your master cylinder. When you press your F-150 trucks brake pedal, you are pushing a type of plunger into your master cylinder. This force creates hydraulic pressure within the pistons, which causes the caliper-like device to clamp down on the rotor.

The parts of the caliper-like device that contact your wheels are called braking pads. Braking pads are made of friction-resistant materials, and they are specially engineered to absorb the heat created when your vehicle slows down.

There are two types of caliper-like devices:

  • Floating caliper-like devices: Floating caliper-like devices have a piston assembly that moves relative to the rotors.
  • Fixed caliper-like devices: Fixed caliper-like devices have pistons on both sides of the rotor.

Right and left caliper-like devices are not interchangeable. The screw that attaches the valve that allows you to bleed the device are in different places on the right and left models.

What maintenance do Ford F-150 braking caliper-like devices need?

Changing the fluid in your braking system once a year may extend the functional life of your caliper-like devices. Ford F-150 caliper-like devices and braking pads should also be inspected every time you rotate your tires. Your mechanic will make sure your caliper-like devices are centered properly and will look for leaks and signs of wear and tear.

What materials are caliper-like devices made of?

Caliper-like devices are assemblies whose essential function is to house master cylinder pistons and braking system pads. They are typically made out of sturdy, lightweight aluminum, which resists corrosion and heat and is very strong relative to its weight. Braking system pistons can be made of plastic, aluminum, or steel that has a chrome coating. If youre driving your Ford 1-50 pickup in extreme conditions, metal braking system pistons may be a wise choice.

What types of caliper-like devices are available?

Parts and accessories are available that can enhance the performance or appearance of your caliper-like devices.

  • Caliper-like device covers: On trucks like the F-150 with oversized tire rims, mechanical components such as caliper-like devices are visible. Caliper-like device covers fit on top of your devices to add a splash of color and style. These covers come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, black, and yellow. The color is typically a powder-coating on an aluminum base, so these covers keep their color under intense road conditions.
  • Caliper-like device support brackets: Caliper-like device guide pins and support brackets position your device for maximum effectiveness. Often, these components have boots or other insulators that can help protect your caliper-like devices from road debris.