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Bottle Opener Rings

Bottle opener rings offer you a portable solution for opening certain products. The item slides neatly onto your finger, allowing you to easily carry an opener with you everywhere. When you're ready to pop open that drink, just flip your jewelry around and use it to open it up.

What size finger do these rings fit?

There are options available for every size hand. Make sure that you check the specific product description in order to determine the exact size of your specific purchase. Note that most people prefer to wear this particular accessory on their thumb, rather than on a finger

How do these rings work?

They are designed to be worn on your finger just like any other jewelry. They don't have excessive sharp edges, so you don't have to worry about scratching the people around you. When you're ready to open a drink, turn it around so that it's facing your hand. Slide the stainless steel edges of the device underneath the bottle cap, then pop it open, just like opening any other bottle.

Are stainless steel rings difficult to use?

Using these devices is as easy using a traditional stainless steel opener. The benefit of using a bottle opener ring over a traditional bottle opener is its portable nature.

What are these items used for?

These items make great additions to gift bags, presents for your groomsmen at your bachelor party, or even wedding favors for a fun country themed wedding. They're a fun accessory that you and your guests will be sure to enjoy wearing. They're also a great way to ensure that you always have a bottle opener on hand.