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Bosch Car and Truck Windshield Wiper Systems

Bosch windshield wiper blades come in a wide range of styles and are designed to fit nearly any car or truck. From basic wiper blades to those that are designed for extreme weather use, Bosch has a wiper system to fit your needs through any type of weather and road conditions.

How often should wiper blades be replaced on a vehicle?

How long your wiper blades will last depends on several factors. While wiper blades can last from 6 months to a couple of years, Bosch replacement parts are designed to last up to 40% longer than the average. A good way to know when to replace your blades is to keep an eye on their performance. Check your blades every three to six months for signs of wear, and pay attention to wiper performance every time you use them. Besides a bent or damaged frame, signs you may need to replace your wiper blades include the following:

  • Cracking, splitting, or tearing of the rubber part of the wiper
  • Streaking the windshield or otherwise not completely clearing the field of view
  • Skipping across the windshield during use
Which wipers are good for everyday use?

When you want a blade that can stand up to basic everyday use, there are several styles, which are listed here:

  • Clear Advantage wiper blades are designed for excellent all-weather performance.
  • Insight is a hybrid designed to replace the original equipment on your vehicle.
  • Ecel+ is designed for longer life and quiet operation.
  • MicroEdge is created for reliable performance.
  • Marathon wiper blades offer great performance for increased visibility in all weather conditions.
Are there any wipers that work well in tough winter weather conditions?

Bosch has a wide range of parts that are designed to withstand the grueling conditions that regularly occur during winter driving. These blade styles include the following:

  • ICON wiper blades arent affected by the buildup of snow and ice and remain flexible for superior visibility.
  • Evolution blades keep pressure uniform for clean and clear wiping.
  • Snow Driver is designed to withstand extremely low temperatures and to work during all conditions.
  • Bosch Winter wiper blades are made to handle tough conditions during this time of year.

For clearer visibility during nighttime driving, you may want to consider ENVISION wipers. Visibility is sharpened with each wipe, allowing you to drive with confidence during inclement weather conditions.