Cadenas, Collares y colgantes Negro para Hombres

Black Chains, Necklaces, and Pendants for Men

Men have worn necklaces throughout history, and examples can be found in ancient art from Egypt, India, China, and Rome. It was in the 18th century when the necklace and pendant became more associated with women than men. Men's necklaces, chains, and pendants in black are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Which black neck chains for men are available?

Black chains with simulated diamonds are available in iced-out or similar styles. Stainless-steel black-tone chain necklaces come in a variety of sizes and weights, from 3 millimeters to 11 millimeters and larger. Black chains in pearl box, Greek knot, lace look, and similar styles may also be available. Gold necklaces with or without black accents, stainless steel, and sterling silver black chains may also be found.

Which kinds of formal black necklaces and chains are offered?

Onyx black and black crystal formal necklaces may be available to wear with formal dress sets of cufflinks and studs. Other black formal men's jewelry can include gold and black stone pendants made from onyx, tourmaline, or black diamonds. Sterling silver and stainless steel black formal chain necklaces for men are also available.

What black pendant necklaces for men are available?

A pendant necklace for men shaped from black semiprecious stones can include jet, obsidian, and Apache tears (a type of obsidian). Dolomite and rhyolite are other black stones that can be shaped into a pendant necklace. Hematite is a dark gray or black stone with a high iron content that feels twice as heavy as other gemstones. Precious black gemstones that can be found in a pendant necklace include black diamonds, onyx, star sapphires, and tourmalines.

Which casual men's black necklaces, cords, and chains are available?

Men can choose from a variety of smooth black leather cords, braided leather cords, and black suede cords to wear with or without a pendant of their choice. Chunky black chains, knotted ropes, and beads and shells are other informal choices. Adjustable surfer cord necklaces are available in black leather and synthetic materials. Some informal chain necklaces may also be available, along with black cords and dog tags.

Which themed black jewelry is available for men?

Men's themed neck jewelry can include chain necklaces with dog tags or bead necklaces based on a rosary theme. Some rosary-inspired black chain necklaces feature a cross pendant and black beads, including "Boondock Saints" looks and similar styles, with or without a crucifix. Cuban necklaces are made from stainless steel or silver flattened interlocking links. Dog tag and ring pendant chains may be found in combinations of stainless steel and black. Black wolf's tooth and shark's tooth necklaces and chokers are other themed necklace choices.