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Black Belt Magazine Back Issues

Black Belt Magazine is a magazine in the martial arts community that contains information about training, interviews with professional fighters, and articles on martial artists with years of experience. The magazine also provides plenty of information to help both beginning and experienced fighters learn more about their sport, about the latest equipment available, and about the benefits and drawbacks of various types of training. Whether you have missed a specific magazine because you have let your subscription lapse or you want older magazines to help you get your information fix, looking through back issues of Black Belt Magazine is a way to improve your knowledge and understanding of this demanding sport.

What type of content is found in Black Belt Magazine?

Black Belt contains a wide range of in-depth content, including:

  • Historical pieces related to various combat styles and how they have evolved over time
  • New techniques making their way onto the martial arts scene
  • Reviews of weapons
  • Industry trends
  • Interviews with renowned martial arts professionals

The content in Black Belt does tend to focus primarily on American styles of martial arts. While there are profiles of other content, the individuals interviewed and the information provided tends to have a focus on American participants, rules, and matches.

Does Black Belt offer unique content each month?

Every copy of this publication is filled with unique content. Articles are not repeated, and the writers' guidelines ask for attention to be paid to past issues of the magazine. As a result, each monthly offering provides a fresh set of articles that will be original to martial artist professionals and enthusiasts.

In addition, it is not just information about karate that is included. There is content that covers several different styles, from mixed martial arts to isshinryu, jiu-jitsu, and more.

How long has Black Belt Magazine been in operation?

Black Belt Magazine is one of the oldest magazines about the ways of martial arts available around the world. Founded in 1958, Black Belt has, over the past several years, included a wide range of professional information related to arts that are becoming more widely practiced throughout America and worldwide. This publication pays attention to developments, regularly interviews individuals who are renowned within the field, and maintains a staff of writers with a wide range of experience in these different martial arts. They have articles that related to both the sport aspect as well as street defense.

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