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Bell Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are an important piece of any riders safety attire. Bell was founded more than 50 years ago, and they have crafted and released a range of products with a sleek design and safety features. Bell motorcycle helmets are built using materials like carbon fiber and foam.

What Bell motorcycle helmet sizes are available?

Before selecting your size, you will first need to measure your head. You will want to measure the circumference of your skull at its widest point with a soft tape measure. For most people, this is approximately 1 inch above the eyebrow back to 1 inch above where the skull meets the top of the spine. It is advisable to measure a few inches above that first measurement and an inch below it. Your largest measurement is what will determine what size you order. The Bell helmet size guide is as follows:

  • 4X-Small: 20 1/16 inches
  • 3X-Small: 20 1/2 - 20 7/8 inches
  • 2X-Small: 21 1/4 - 21 5/8 inches
  • X-Small: 22 inches
  • Small: 22 3/8 inches
  • Medium: 22 3/4 - 23 1/4 inches
  • Large: 23 5/8 inches
  • X-Large: 24 - 24 3/8 inches
  • 2X-Large: 24 3/4 - 25 1/4 inches
  • 3X-Large: 25 5/8 - 26 inches
  • 4X-Large: 26 3/8 - 26 3/4 inches
How can you determine if a motorcycle helmet is damaged?

It is normal for a helmet to receive some wear and tear on it throughout the course of a year or two if you ride your bike regularly. In general, helmets should be replaced every three years regardless of any perceptible damage. If you are involved in a collision where you are unseated from your motorcycle, particularly in cases where your helmet makes contact with another object, the integrity of the helmet may be compromised, and a replacement helmet should be obtained.

How should Bell motorcycle helmets be cleaned?

When you want to clean a motorcycle helmet, avoid using harsh cleansers or petroleum-based products. Instead, use a clean cloth, sponge, or similar tool and dip it in warm water or a mild soap product. The helmet can then be scrubbed clean in a circular motion. The helmet should then be allowed to air dry entirely before it is worn again.

What features do Bell motorcycle helmets have?

Bell helmets are available with a wide variety of features. Some are full-face helmets while others only have shields. Some are matte black or white in color while others are intricately colored and designed. Some have only a visor while others are completely open-faced.

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