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Finding Audio Player Docks and Mini Speakers

You can amplify your device's digital sound when you hook it up to Beats by Dr. Dre blue speakers. These petite yet powerful speakers and peripherals let you boost the bass and volume on your MP3 player or smartphone and let the music play in an entirely new way, not to mention that there's just something about the color blue that looks chic.

What Are Some Features of These Devices?

Known for sound quality, these products offer numerous features that enable audiophiles to enjoy their music in a portable way with crystal-clear sound.

  • Bluetooth speaker capability means that you don't need cables or cords to connect your portable speakers to your phone. You can just connect them using a wireless Bluetooth connection, giving you even more flexibility to take the speakers on the go.
  • Charge up your phone while you listen to music with a portable audio device. After you insert your device into the port, the speaker begins charging it as your music plays.
  • Some models offer aesthetic features like flashing LED lights that make it feel like you're having a party even when you're just listening to music alone in your bedroom.

Which Devices Are Compatible with Audio Docks?

You love the way that the Pill looks or mini speakers sound, but you might not be sure that your specific device will work with these Bluetooth speakers. There are, however, specific products that are compatible with this line of wireless speakers and audio ports.

  • You can pair your portable speakers with Android devices, such as smartphones that run the Android operating system, like Samsung Galaxy phones.
  • Sync Apple devices without worry that range from the iPod to the iPhone in multiple versions.
  • When you're using a speaker and not a port, you can even sync your electronics to your computer to boost the sound on your Mac.

What Are Some Blue Models?

When you're looking for a specific blue device in order to enhance playback, create a loud sound, or hook speakers up to your tablet, there are a few available models that offer numerous features.

  • The Beats Pill 2.0 is aptly named because it's shaped like a sleek capsule. This device is flexible and not only can you use it to listen to songs, but you can even take hands-free calls with this specific speaker. It can also remember up to eight devices, so you don't have to sync them again.
  • Check out the Pulse Mini Bluetooth speaker with its flashing lights, 3 watts of sound output, and rechargeable battery. In addition, it has a USB port.
  • The Pill XL is a larger version of the traditional Pill with many of the same features. It's wireless and has a 15-hour battery life before needing a recharge, so you can keep the party going all night.

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